Pinko Launches New Denim Line P_ Jean

by Tamu McPherson

Pinko Launches New Denim Line P_ Jean in a celebration of the iconic role that the fabric plays in our everyday lives. One of the most versatile wardrobe staples ever invented, denim’s cool factor transcends style categories and can be worn by anyone – it is truly a democratic fabric. Taking style inspiration from popular muses such as Kate Moss, Drew Barry More and Chloe Sevigny, the Pinko design team references the best of the 80s, the gritty allure of the grunge era, the funky vibe of alternative-electronic music, right up to certain elements of the instant gratification associated with today’s social media driven culture. The focus of the Pinko P_Jean range is innovation and attention to details like wash, special finishings, as well as novelty embellishments. You’ll be drawn to pieces lined with plaid or faux fur, or that are adorned with a layer of ruffles. You can pair them with an ample selection of tops (flannel shirts and cut-out sweat-tops), knits (relaxed and cozy sweaters), skirts (red patent leather!) and outerwear (military-inspired bombers!) that have been developed to accompany the collection.

As part of their launch, Pinko invited me to photograph the collection on some of the girls that I am currently obsessing about.

Up first is Tao, a 24-year-old stylist and buyer living in Milan. She hails from Shanghai and was born in the year of the monkey. I met her a few weeks ago in Piazza Duomo and was immediatetly impressed by her confident style. What she thinks of denim? “It’s Easy to style with other pieces. Can be casual, sporty and even elegant. And, if I don’t know what to wear, I will choose denim.”

Look out for more girls here, on my Instagram feed and on @pinkoofficial.

Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 1Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 2 Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 3 Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 4 Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 5 Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 6 Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 7 Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 8 Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 9 Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 10 Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 11 Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 12 Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 13 Tao Pinko Pinko Jean 14

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