Tamu McPherson

Born in Jamaica. Raised in New York. Now residing in Milan. I started taking street style photographs in 2006 for Glamour.it. Shortly after, I began writing feature pieces for Vogue Pelle and became a contributor at Elle Italia. I launched All the Pretty Birds in November 2008. Before becoming Editor-in-Chief of Grazia.it in February 2011, a position that I held until September 2013, I had the great pleasure of contributing to amazing publications and websites such as Glamour U.S., Harper’s Bazaar U.S., Metro and Refinery 29. After leaving Grazia.It, I held the position of Style Director at Out There, an international creative agency. Resume aside, I am a lion, distracted daydreamer, hopeless romantic, legally blond, pretty in pink, fiercely loyal, genetically engineered to seek out the happiness of my loved ones, simplistically idealistic, champion for the underdog, too sensitive at times, and just plain human.

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