Pedicure: foot masks for super smooth skin

by Team ATPB

Pedicure: foot masks for super smooth skin

Summer rhymes with sandals, and for us girls this means we have to book urgently a pedicure at the beautician. Not covered by footwear and décolleté, feet, in fact, cry out for attention. Hands up who has never had problems with corns and damaged skin: the dream of all, needless to say, is to have perfect skin, like that of a child. To the rescue come the sheet masks for feet. We will propose you six to try: after a few days, you will see the results. Try it for yourself!

TonyMoly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Mask

TonyMoly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Mask is a sheet mask based on argan oil and lavender extract. Easy and quick to use, leave your feet pleasantly scented with flowers.

Sephora feet mask


Sephora feet mask is inspired by Asian rituals: it is a rich formula to wear like a sock (it ties at your ankle with an adhesive tab to prevent that the product trickles during the rest) and is held on for twenty minutes. Two are the main ingredients: extract of lavender, which calms the sensation of hot and tired feet and gives an immediate refreshing and relaxing effect and almonds, which plays an emollient and restorative action softening your heels and smoothing the skin.

Foot Mask Oh K!

Foot Mask Oh K! has a perfect exfoliating action to remove dead skin cells of the epidermis. Even so, it concern socks to wear, for an hour on clean and dry skin. Then rinse to remove leftovers.

Velvet Smooth Night Mask by Scholl

Velvet Smooth Night Mask by Scholl is moisturizing and nourishing and is held throughout the night to provide to the feet an intense and long-lasting hydration by regenerating the skin.

Intensive Foot socks of Kiko

The Intensive Foot socks of Kiko act like a nutritious disposable pack for feet and toenails. Every sock is soaked in cream and equipped with a closing strap at the ankle for a simple and comfortable application. The special compound of active ingredients contained in the formula has hydrating, nourishing and lenitive properties.

Baby Foot

Baby Foot is one of the most popular treatments worldwide for the removal of corns and soft feet like those of a child.  It contains 17 natural extracts and removes naturally, without mechanical actions on the feet, roughness and dead skin after about 5/8 days.

Our advice: after wearing socks and removed leftovers, do not forget to pass a moisturizing cream to give new energy to your feet. In this way, wearing sandals will indeed be a pleasure!

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