Our Ridiculous Over-the-Top Holiday Wish List

by Team ATPB

holiday wish list


‘Tis the season to have a holiday wish list. The year has been a long one and honestly, we’re all about living a treat yourself philosophy. There’s something to be said about having your eye on something extremely luxurious, even if you’re not able to purchase right now. We can all dream! Here at Team ATPB, we’ve got a lot to lust after, from designer bags to limited designer capsule collections – there’s something for everyone. 


Team ATPB’s Holiday Wish List

Tamu McPherson
holiday wish list

  • Osvaldo Borsani Arnaldo Pomodoro Brass Bed FrameI’ve been looking for a statement bed for my guest room for the past 2 years. A friend of mine shared the details of this bed with me the other night at drinks. It’s clear why I fell in love!


Alyx Carolus

  • Telfar Shopping Bag – This has been on my lust list for a few months. Telfar’s Shopping Bag has made headlines for the last couple months and it’s been named one of the most important bags of the decade. It’s relatively accessible with a decent price point (from $150 upwards) and the bag’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down. One to go in navy, please!
  • MEDEA short bag – Rihanna and Adwoa Aboah are fans of this proudly Italian brand and I’m in love with their bags. A simple and minimal design that resembles a plain gift bag, MEDEA’s bags are just so good to look at. Now, I just need to secure the 400+ to get one.


Debra Brown

  • Urban Outfitters Velvet Platform Bed– This baby blue velvet bed is everything I’d want in my room decor. I would absolutely love coming home to relax in this beauty.
  • Frankie Shop Dark Brown Woolen Pants Suit – I want this suit to wear everywhere. This chocolate brown would look beautiful with different colors and I could mix the jacket and pants with so many different outfits.


Grace Davin


Roki Prunali

  • Khaiter Leith Shirred Sleeve Shirt: Ever since I received a courteous email from Brown’s Fashion with all the expensive new season must haves that I must have including this Khaite shirt, I have been waiting for it to finally arrive in store. Now it has arrived and is on my holiday wish list.
  • Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence: There are only a handful of beauty products that I make a repeat purchase. For the most part, I like trying new things to see how it works on my skin. But Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is definitely a repeat buy and now they have the latest Active Treatment Essence – which is the ultimate multi-corrective step to your beauty routine. For sure going to try the second product added to the lineup of Vintner’s Daughter.
  • Cassina Floe Insel Sofa by Patricia Urquiola: I have been getting so bored with my playing it safe couches, afraid that I will get over some outlandish color or design quick or that my kids will annihilate any nice thing I try to decorate my house with. The color and design of this Cassina couch is seriously tempting me.


Tahirah Hairston

  • Black Margiela Tabi Boots: I’ve wanted these boots forever, the perfect plain black boot with a twist. Plus, their timeless and I’d want to wear them forever (and I mean it!). 
  • Donald Judd Stoll: Every since I started decorating my new apartment, I have become obsessed with Donald Judd’s minimal furniture, I even found a couch that is similar to his daybed. And, now I need this stoll. It’s versatile and would be perfect for a small living room or entryway. 
  • Essentials Eyebrow Grooming Kit: Compared to other eyebrow kits, this one is pricey. But, I got my eyebrows done by THE Kristie Streicher in LA, and my brows have forever been changed. Since, I live in NYC and can’t get my eyebrows done by her, this kit along with some tips from her is the second best thing.


Featured image by @raveenagoswami


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