On Leading With Love: Opening Your Heart Chakra

by Chloe' Flowers

opening your heart chakra


When you think about the love you have for others, remember to include yourself. The better you love and understand yourself, the more you will become an expert at loving others. Over time, I’ve learned that I am a direct mirror of my actions, situations, and people around me. Leading a life of love – looks like exhaling, but also INHALING love. Love and all of its wonders start with the heart chakra. If you’ve never heard of a chakra, think of it as an inner beam, that is responsible for a portion of your body, it focuses on the external and internal properties of that specific area. Today, we are going to talk about all things related to the heart chakra, Pretty Birds!



The heart chakra is the fourth of seven chakras. The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra is anahata. This chakra house is known for its limitless compassion, empathy, and love. Green (sometimes a rosy pink)  is typically the color related to the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the center of the entire chakra system which links all of them together. The heart chakra shares the same role as the heart itself. The same way the aorta pumps blood to the other essential organs is the same way the heart chakra affects the rest of the chakra centers. The information in the heart is linked directly to the things or people that we love. The spiritual journeys harbored by this chakra are deep emotions such as inspiration, hope, hate, envy, jealousy, and generosity. 



Those moments where you experience fleeting joy are all born in the heart chakra. Your capacity to feel moments of happiness at its height depends on how open your heart chakra is. The following things are linked to unblocking your heart chakra:

  • Certain yoga postures and practices 
  • Eating plenty of green and earthy foods to ground your mind and body. 
  • Being outside in nature barefoot 
  • Practicing vulnerability 
  • Practicing acceptance 
  • Meditate with or carry green stones such as Green Aventurine, Jade stone, or Green Calcite 
  • Rose Quartz is also a very popular stone for opening the heart chakra 
  • Quiet meditation and turning your thoughts inward to focus on your emotions 



Having a blocked heart chakra can look different for everyone. Some of the more common ways to tell that your heart chakra may be closed are feelings of hatred, sadness or any other negative emotions. If you’re holding onto past traumas or experiencing trust issues – you may have a blocked heart chakra. 

If you’ve been keeping your emotions bottled up or feeling lonely or unloved, these are also clear indicators of a blocked heart chakra. Having a blocked heart chakra is when you have a prolonged negative experience around matters of the heart. 

When my heart chakra is blocked, it’s usually after I have a triggering experience. Sometimes I start to worry about things that are out of my control, or I get disappointed by not reaching everything on my to-do list. Once I start to feel sorry for myself, I am distracted for a week or so and have issues with procrastination and laziness. In these moments I want nothing to do with socialization or social media. To get out of this funk, I have to work out or write or give myself permission to spend time with someone who loves me. I have to practice self-care and be extremely gentle with myself. Healthy meals and plenty of water are also major components in unblocking my heart chakra. 



If you are someone who wants to get a little more in touch with your spiritual side and practice your spirituality using the concept of accountability, studying chakras and learning to keep most of them clear will reveal a more vibrant and true version of yourself. This is a mindful journey that requires a lot of reflection and being very quiet – listening to what your spirit is trying to say. 

Studying your chakras may take lots of quiet time, sitting with yourself. Chakra balancing also includes a lot of meditation and focusing inward. This is a time you spend with yourself to really get an understanding of what needs your attention so you can have more prosperous experiences in life. I have always been intrigued by the chakras because each one represents something meaningful and highlights the importance of spiritual health within one’s life. 

As we approach the season of love, I want you to reflect on the ways you love yourself. I want you to listen to your heart chakra and decide if it’s open, if it’s blocked or if any other of your chakras need attention. This is the gateway to your root self and you deserve to press pause and get more grounded.

Positive things that I’ve seen come from chakra balancing is being aware, and knowing how to listen to my body. I have enhanced intuition and knowingness in my spirit. My thoughts and emotions are better managed. I am able to feel happiness on a more consistent basis because I have learned to find happiness in the small things. 

Even if you find that your heart chakra is closed, this is still good news because then you can work on opening it up and you are self-aware. The heart chakra is here to shape you and help lead the way. I hope you have an awakening when getting to know your personal heart chakras, Pretty Birds. 


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