On Household Hair Care Products with Just Add Founder Mesha Korte

by Tamu McPherson

In this video collaboration, Mesha Korte, Creator of Just Add, a natural hair care brand, shares how she founded her company.

Around the time Mesha moved to Italy she cut her relaxed hair. Upon arriving, like many women of color who move to European cities, she could not find any products suitable for her freshly chopped curls. Does Mesha’s story sound familiar to you? I experienced a similar dilemma after moving to Milan, and I wrote about it in my Our Hair, Don’t Care installment. After some advice from her Trinidadian mother, Mesha headed into her kitchen to create the homemade potions that would evolve into the products she offers with Just Add. The brand gets its name from the fact the products are made into powder and the user just has to add water. Clever right?

Since she launched her line of nourishing remedies, her audience has expanded to women with all different hair types who are interested in high quality natural products. Discover her journey in this lovely video.

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