On Closet Restoration: Revamp Your Wardrobe

by Chloe' Flowers

closet restoration
Now that we’re down to the last couple of months of the year, I’ve been thinking about the energy I want to carry into 2020. What needs to stay, and what needs to go, in order for me to be the best version of myself. This year for me has highlighted mental health and self-care as I awaken to the importance of mind, body, and spirit. Everywhere I turn, I see something related to self-care, which I think is beautiful. One thing specifically that seems to be of high priority is protecting your energy. I’ve learned that energy needs to be protected not only from people but things. Tangible objects, like our clothes, carry energy within our lives.


Is It Time for a Closet Restoration and Reorganization?

When was the last time you refreshed your closet and overall style? Before we go into 2020, It’s time to purge and dismiss pieces that no longer serve you. We are here to help guide you through  wardrobe restoration, Pretty Birds.

You know that crimson crewneck in the back of your closet that your ex gave you two years ago? It’s time to let it go! Those jeans that don’t fit, but you’re holding onto just in case you lose 10  pounds overnight? It’s time to let those go too! Now, imagine if you loved everything in your wardrobe. Restoring your closet can give you a surge of personal vitality. With clearing out your closet, you’ll have a solid vision of what you need to buy to create the perfect capsule collection. You’ll be able to see the valuable items you already have. You will prevent yourself from buying event-related holiday pieces that you’ll only wear once. You’ll be walking into the new year with a pep in your step, ready to tackle all the goals you’ve set for the future. 


Out With The Old – In With The New

Everything we own holds energy and connects us to specific experiences. Some items you own may be related to chapters of your life that aren’t healthy to constantly revisit. It’s time to move forward and manifest the person you’ve been longing to become. Clearing out that space contributes to your well being and spiritual growth. 

Sometimes, we are resistant to change because we fear what’s on the other side. We fear letting go of the old in exchange for the new. A fresh hairstyle or fashion switch seems intimidating at first, but it’s usually always for the better. Closet restoration celebrates the revolution of self – which is so important in womanhood. It’s time to begin falling in love with your look, one piece at a time. 


Wear Clothes That Represent Who You Are Today

The first step to restoring your closet is getting rid of pieces that are not relevant to who you are today. Keeping items that are too small in order to encourage weight loss is not celebrating who you are in this present moment. Same with if you’ve lost weight and still have baggy and oversized clothes that aren’t flattering to your new physique – let’s release the old shell. Who you are today is beautiful and relevant. Healthy closet restoration is looking through our wardrobe and having a positive experience with everything we lay our eyes on. It is unhealthy to open your closet and spot multiple things you can’t wear. 

If you want to practice self-compassion, this is how you start. Renew your wardrobe by sorting through every single item you own and donating or giving away anything that does not fit you. Think about who you are today and release items that don’t represent that anymore. 


Buy Things That Represent What You Want To Become – Manifestation 

A major component of restoration is a manifestation. Through your appearance and confidence, you can manifest who you want to be. If you want to be a businesswoman or acquire a raise at your job, start to dress that way. Go get yourself a new blazer or a nice fitting pair of pants that will give you the energy of a girl boss. Once you start walking and talking like someone who is worthy of higher pay, you will naturally receive that. Get rid of all the clothes in your closet that don’t speak to that inner boss you want to be. Revamp your wardrobe to fit this new lifestyle you want. A couple of new things mixed with your staple favorites will make you excited about your style. Removing things that don’t interest you will make the pieces you love stand out and be worn more often. Said best by The Good Wear, “Rewearing items is mindful in appreciating what we already have and acting on the knowledge that we don’t always have to impulse buy.”

A big fashion transformation period for me was after I had my son. I lost my sense of confidence and was really eager to get back to it. I had no idea what “look ”I was going to go for, but I wanted to be confident. My goal was to look more pulled together and organized in a sexy and effortless way. I reconstructed my entire wardrobe and over a span of six months, I could see a major difference in the way I carried myself. My closet restoration was now tailored around my new life and body as a mother. You can do this same thing, Pretty Birds. 

Take some time to try on things in your closet and evaluate how they make you feel. Replace outdated things with new exciting ones. Make room for a more intentional lifestyle. Before you get a chance to speak and let others know who you are, your outward appearance is a part of your impression. Most importantly, your confidence radiates in your communication with others. Your style introduces aspects of you that words cannot convey, it is an art. What do you want others to know about you after your closet makeover? 


Image by @thelittledeer


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