Olivia Putman: Fragrances As Life Memories

by Team ATPB
Olivia Putman - credit Guillaume de Laubier
Andrée et Olivia Putman - credit Xavier Bejot

Meet Olivia Putman

by Serena Belcastro

During the recent Salone del Mobile in Milan we met with Olivia Putman. The daughter of French interior designer Andrée, at the reins of Studio Putman in Paris since 2007, told us something of the story behind the perfume collection signed by Andrée Putman and created in collaboration with Celso Fadelli, president and Fragrance Curator for Intertrade Group.

The story behind Préparation Parfumée Andrée Putman: which were the main steps behind it?
It’s quite a long story that brings to mind many enchanting memories. My mother imagined l’Original 15 years ago, and our idea was to celebrate this anniversary by creating five new fragrances. I was very happy to develop this collection with Celso Fadelli who had developed the first fragrance with Andrée in 2001.

How did the idea for this collection come about?
For many years Andrée has worked around the concept of a collection to suit both a business man and a teenager. I wanted to imagine five new fragrances to share some universal memories I wanted to evoke. This collection evokes those little moments that actually make one’s life.
Magnolys is dedicated to white gardens which my mother loved, Formidable man is simply my father, Tan d’épices and Figue en fleur are related to a house in the south of France… Un peu d’amour is dedicated to love!!

What is a fragrance to you?
A fragrance for me is very important. It is an invisible signature that you leave forever in the mind of people who loves you. It is amazing the amount of memories it can bring when you “meet it” again.

What is the relationship between perfume and design?
For me perfume is an invisible design. It is very concrete nevertheless invisible but it is also incredibly abstract. The way a fragrance brings you back to some memories fascinates me.

What are your plans for the future?
I have many different projects going on. I have the chance to work around the world which is very inspiring. I will inaugurate a VIP lounge I designed in Santiago in Chile for Lan airways next week and I will present a new furniture collection in Hong Kong in May.


in collaboration with Michela Marra

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