Oils And Treatments To Make Your Skin Glow

by Team ATPB

Oils And Treatments To Make Your Skin Glow by Michela Marra


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In summer, the skin on our face and body needs extra moisture, yet it also needs products that have non-greasy formulas and are easily absorbed. Speaking of the sun, no matter what color our skin is, we’d all like a luminous finish, a super glow that will enhance our beauty and, why not, correct any flaws we have. The solution? Oils, luminous waters and after sun treatments. We’ve selected some products for you: choose your favourite!


  • Beauty Oils Argan Melvita


Beauty Oils Argan Melvita has an Argan oil base, known for centuries for its repairing properties which are particularly beneficial for dry, sensitive skin in need of deep hydration. You can apply it to your face and neck.

Belle de Teint Liquid Glow Trio in 03 Glow Bronze by Lancôme has a three-phase formula: the oil phase guarantees hydration and comfort, the water phase gives skin lightness and freshness when applied, and the pearl phase, which is rich in mother-of-pearl pigments, enhances your tan. Its light, comforting  texture is rich in shiny pigments and it blends with your skin tone to give it a sensual, radiant aspect. Shake Belle de Teint Liquid Glow Trio’s three-phase formula to blend evenly and apply.

Hand Chemistry Glow Oil is a hydrating, dry oil that guarantees long-lasting glow for up to 2-3 days after the very first application thanks to its  Raspberry Keto-Sugar and watermelon extracts. Shake well before using to spread the “invisible” gold prisms evenly and apply on various areas of body. For the first three days apply 1-2 times a day, after that, apply once daily to maintain desired glow. Perfect for mixing with moisturizing creams.

Les Polysianes Elisir by Monoi is the ideal oil for both body and hair. Rich in authentic Tahiti  Monoi, which is produced according to ancient methods from Polynesia, it also contains Morinda Citrifolia and vitamin E which possess anti-radical properties.

Beauty Oils Jojoba Melvita is ideal for extremely dehydrated skin. Jojoba oil, extracted from the simmondsia chinensis −a shrub that grows in the desert regions of Mexico and Arizona, is perfect for skin because its components are similar to the sebum that our body naturally produces. Our advice: apply to damp skin for maximum benefits.

Terracotta L’Eau Hâlée by Guerlain is the first coloured water for your face by Guerlain. Characterized by a light texture, it instantly gives you a luminous skin tone, while its hydrating formula envelops skin in a veil of freshness.

Golden Bronze Oil Drops by ARTDeco gives skin a summer glow. Its luminous texture is quickly absorbed. The nourishing oil pampers dry skin with ingredients like soothing bisabolol and jojoba oil, which enhances skin’s softness and elasticity.

Prima&Poi Siero Antiage L’Erbolario is an ideal before and after sun treatment. Skin gets ready for a day in the sun thanks to special active plant-based ingredients that enrich this formula: Amaranth oil and Kalahari watermelon pulp extract and their anti-oxidant activity contrast the production of free radicals. In the evening, Opuntia extract and rice bran oil activate their potential to hydrate and enhance elasticity. This product is also refreshing and alleviates redness.


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