My No Spending Challenge

by Tamu McPherson

After receiving a few convincing signs from the universe and encouragement from a friend, I embarked on a no spending/no shopping challenge for 2.5 months.

I completed the challenge on March 20th, and it was a refreshingly easy feat. Absent were the presumed withdrawal symptoms; nonexistent was the FOMO when Saint Laurent’s Niki slouch velvet boots appeared in my inbox; missing was the insomnia caused by the regret of not getting one of the new Burberry trenches designed by outgoing Creative Director Christopher Bailey; and thwarted was the buildup of clutter in our new apartment.

Instead, I felt a great sense of calm and serenity. Unencumbered by the emotional energy that sometimes fuels the impulse to shop, I freed up some headspace and was able to clearly evaluate my spending habits. Even though I didn’t have a specific issue with shopping before the challenge, I realized that I was definitely engaging in some bad behavior. The worst of which is the never-ending pursuit of satisfaction vis a vis material objects – specifically the constant acquisition of objects which are quickly replaced because they only bring temporary joy. I will explore this theme further in the next few months, as it is an amazing exercise in finding true and liberating happiness. Stay tuned!

For now, watch the video as I reveal what led me to participate in the challenge and find out which fabulous friends encouraged me to do something so incredible and uplifting for myself. And let me know if you decide to partake in a spending detox too.

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