Nike Classic Cortez – A Timeless Icon Interpreted by Some Pretty Birds

by Tamu McPherson

Nike Classic Cortez – A Timeless Icon Interpreted by Some Pretty Birds By Tamu McPherson

Hey There Pretty Birds,

When I sat down with the Nike team to talk about an editorial celebrating the relaunch of the classic Cortez running shoe for the 2015 holiday season, the idea of shooting a crop of fresh young things immediately came to mind. Lately, I’ve been really inspired by all of the young girls around me: my assistant Kristi, our intern Adenike, Viviana Volpicella’s assistant Mariangela, and most recently Chiara Radice who I photographed for a Eva Fontanelli’s Stefanel capsule collection. What strikes me about these girls is their style, infectious and endearing love for one another, their irony (the extremely pretty Chiara has a real gangster streak running through her veins), and their ability to set you straight about relevant trends in a cute, patient and nonchalant way (Adenike). In sum, since their energy fuels a great part of my attention these days, I thought that they would be the perfect ones to interpret iconic and timeless Cortez. Here they are in Milan on a perfect Autumn day, being young, having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Totally Forrest Gump Worthy!


Mariangela Filippin – Stylist Assistant


Kristi Veliaj – Personal Assistant


Adenike Adegboye – Blog Intern


Chiara Radice – Stylist Assistant

MFKV DenikeAdegboye3 ChiaraRadice2 MariangelaFilippin4 KristiVeliaj3 DACR3 2MariangelaFilippin3 2KristiVeliaj3 MFKV2 2DenikeAdegboye1 ChiaraRadice4 CortezGroup2 MariangelaFilippin3 ChiaraRadice6 MFKV4 DenikeAdegboye2 2CortezGroup1 KristiVeliaj4 ChiaraRadice5 MariangelaFilippin2 2CortezGroup2 KristiVeliaj5 2DenikeAdegboye2 2MariangelaFilippin1 MariangelaFilippin7 2ChiaraRadice1 2KristiVeliaj2 DACR2 MFKV3 2DenikeAdegboye4 2KristiVeliaj1 ChiaraRadice1 2MariangelaFilippin2 2DenikeAdegboye3 CortezGroup DACR1 MariangelaFilippin5 KristiVeliaj6 DenikeAdegboye4 2ChiaraRadice2 KristiVeliaj2 MariangelaFilippin6 DenikeAdegboye6 DenikeAdegboye5 MFKV5

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