New York Renames Park After Trans Activist Marsha P. Johnson + More News

by Debra Brown

Marsha P Johnson

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New York Renames Park After Trans Activist Marsha P. Johnson 

A state park in Brooklyn is to be renamed after Marsha P. Johnson, a transgender woman of color who fought for LGBTQ rights and was a prominent figure in the 1969 Stonewall Uprising.

The plan was announced by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during a speech at a Human Rights Campaign gala. The governor called Johnson an “an icon of the community” and explained that the East River State Park in Brooklyn would be the first in New York to be named after an openly LGBTQ person.


Iowa Democratic Caucus Results Delayed

Pete Buttigieg led the field in the first set of results released from the Iowa caucuses. With 71% of the results,  Buttigieg had 26.8% of state delegate equivalents, followed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at 25.2%, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 18.4% and former Vice President Joe Biden at 15.4%.

Prior to the initial release of results, the chair of the state Democratic Party, Troy Price, apologized for the delay in the caucus results of the Iowa, saying there was a problem with the “back end” in reporting the data but ensuring that the data itself was accurate.

The app that the Iowa Democratic Party commissioned to tabulate and report results from the caucuses was not properly tested at a statewide scale and results were significantly delayed. The app was built by Shadow Inc., a for-profit technology company that is also used by the Nevada Democratic Party, the next state to hold a caucus.


Coronavirus Update: Global Health Emergency

The coronavirus outbreak has killed 492 people worldwide, the majority of which are in China, and infected more than 24,500 people across 25 countries. Close to 60 million people remain under lockdown in China, with three cities reporting over a thousand confirmed cases.

The mortality rate is around 2%. This is likely to be an overestimate since many more people are likely to have been infected by the virus but not suffered severe enough symptoms to attend hospital, and so have not been counted. For comparison, seasonal flu typically has a mortality rate below 1% and is thought to cause about 400,000 deaths each year globally.


State of the Union Address 2020

Donald Trump delivered his third State of the Union address from the well of the House chamber on the eve of his likely acquittal by the Senate. The 78-minute speech sought to look past impeachment to his re-election in November. In the speech he discussed socialism in health care, immigration and his economic accomplishments. Here is a fact checker of his speech. 


Indigenous Challenge to Oil Pipeline Dismissed

Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal dismissed a challenge to a contentious, multibillion-dollar oil pipeline, effectively giving the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project the green light to move forward. 

The legal challenge centred around whether Canada had adequately consulted with a handful of Indigenous groups along the 1,150 kilometre (715-mile) Trans Mountain route. Some of those groups had raised concerns about the project’s effects on the environment and their rights.


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