NYFW Is Alive And Well (And So Is Fringe)

by Tamu McPherson

By Anja Tyson

This summer, as not one but three prominent New York designers decamped indefinitely to present in Paris, speculation loomed in the air that New York Fashion Week needed major resuscitation.

Commentary on the attempts of commercial designers like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger shifting their presentation format to see-now-buy-now hinted that New York may lack guidance, a former giant adrift in a market being shaken up by innovation and disruption.

Friends, I tell you: New York is doing just fine. These first few days of runway shows and events have been an absolute avalanche of the resilient, enlivened, forward-thinking optimism for which American designers are so well-known. And while we have so far seen many trends in these few short days – rainbow color, prairie girls, fringe – the trends we will walk away from this week with are perhaps less forecastable ones – energy, levity, power.

There is no doubt America is in a state of revolution. Many of us look to these shows for a brief but necessary reprieve from the state of the union. But no sooner did we turn away than did we find the fight alive in New York.

Looks from some of our favorite shows below (images via Vogue Runway):

Rachel Comey

[metaslider id=242067]

Calvin Klein

[metaslider id=242080]

Tom Ford

[metaslider id=242093]

Adam Selman

[metaslider id=242104]

Ulla Johnson

[metaslider id=242123]

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