New Year, New Hair: The 2018 Chop


New Year, New Hair: The 2018 Chop

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Michela Marra | Friday January 12th 2018

There is absolutely no more invigorating way to ring in a new year than with a fresh, dramatic update to your hair. Your resolutions may or may not stick – detox diets, exercise regimes, even increasing mindfulness takes effort – but a new haircut is one thing you cannot go back on in 3-8 weeks. As Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”
Because no major change should be made without major planning, and because there are so many amazing short and cropped styles to choose from, we have done a major deep dive to cull the best-of-the-best inspiration. Luckily, we have two killer crops in our midst – our Chief Lover Tamu and our Business Director, Roki Prunali – to lead the way into this (sometimes intimidating) territory.  Here are all of the best options!

The Bob
From Gabrielle Union to Jourdan Dunn to Sienna Miller, the bob is the most popular chop. Enhance it with soft waves that frame your face, or you can opt for a messier boho-chic cut that is more practical, yet effortlessly chic.

Credit ph: Pinterest

The Bob with a Bang
A nouvelle vague option for a classic bob-lover, the bangs here cover your eyebrows in part, and are slightly longer around the temples. This cut definitively proves that you dont need long hair to be feminine.

Credit ph: Harper’s Bazaar
A gorgeous variation on this cut is the
soft bob”, which is texturized and sits just below the chin. All you need to get this look is a pair of scissors (and an experienced professional). It also seems to be the hair trend right now in L.A.

Credit ph: Pinterest

The Big Chop
For those who dont like half measures: cut off the length completely for a natural short cut, or a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) style. If youve never tried such a radical cut before, it could prove to be a very overwhelming experience, but if you are truly determined to start fresh, this is the right solution for you.

Choose it if:

You enjoy short, natural cut that is low-maintenance and manageable.

You want to experiment with new hair accessories.

You have very damaged ends and are looking to let your hair start again.

Credit ph: Tamu McPherson

Credit ph: Renwe Jules

Credit ph: Charlotte Mensah 

Credit ph: Pinterest

The Bravest: The Shave
According to some hair stylists, the shaved look is going from ‘niche’ to mainstream’ – thanks, in part, to some models who have been wearing this look on the runways. It is definitely a bold look, but if you’re one for trend the time is now!

Credit ph: Kieron Lavine

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