New Moon Rituals Through Intention Setting

by Roki Prunali


Just as powerful as the full moon is the new moon. While we are releasing all the energy that no longer serves us in the full moon, with the new moon we are setting our intentions for the upcoming month. During the last full moon, we were focused on releasing fear which resonates with many of us in this dark, uncertain time. As the  new moon in Cancer arrives on June 21st, let’s see how we can harness its full potential with a few  new moon rituals.  


New Moon Rituals

The new moon marks the beginning of the moon cycle and occurs when the moon is the darkest in the sky, as the sun and the moon are aligned. The power of intention is very important in this lunar phase and it’s a time to dedicate to creating and resetting. The actual appearance of a new moon surfaces dark or empty, symbolizing fertile ground for creativity to kick in. The moon gathers more light from the sun in the 14-15 nights following a new moon, which brings power and growth for potential. Lunar-minded gardeners will sow seeds of short root plants during a new moon and as the moon waxes, its tidal pull draws water up to the soil nurturing the seed. If you’re missing a green thumb, there are plenty of new moon rituals to explore.

New moons tend to be a quiet time for us to reflect and prepare for the actions we may need to take soon after. However, this new moon approaching will shower us with even more energy because it will be a solar eclipse. With this buzzing energy, we can work toward our future intentions and embrace these uncertain times. 


New Moon Practices

Your new moon rituals or practices should be  totally YOURS – a reflection of your unique place in life as well as your needs and desires. I encourage you to manifest whatever calls to you during a new moon: do it alone or in a group, meditate, set an intention with your yoga practice , dance outside under the moon. Consider what will serve you most in this moment. Here are some practices to consider that I find helpful during a new moon. 


Clean Space

Start off your new moon ritual by releasing and clearing. This can open your space and remove any negativity that has accumulated while cleansing the environment – and yourself – for what will be flowing towards you as you experience the rest of the moon cycle. A simple clearing can be done with the smoke of sage or palo santo, salt, or even smudge spray. I love using Paper Crane Apothecary’s Clean Slate Smoke-Free Smudge Mist. It is a gem-infused aromatherapy that clears stagnant, negative energy. 


Setting the Tone

Surround yourself with lunar tools to set the right tone for your new moon ritual. I usually create an altar with all the help I need. If you don’t have any of these things, no worries. Just bring something that gives you comfort and support. 

My moon alter always includes:

Tarot cards– I only like to use my personal deck when I pull cards for myself and other decks for when I pull others’ cards. The tarot cards can help give you a theme for your intentions and your days following a new moon.  

Crystals– I include any crystals that are calling me. It could be simply something that caught my eye that night or if my intentions are specific I will choose crystals that work with that specific energy.

Candles– It’s the darkest night of the moon cycle, so candles offer light and ambience. The right scented candle can also help to set the perfect mood, whether you’re set on cleansing your space or inspiring your soul.


Calling in Support

Sometimes we all need a little help and guidance. Consider calling upon angels or guides that you feel positively support your ritual and help to share the benefits of your ritual with all beings. Shamans tend to call in the spirits of the Four Directions – South, West, North, and East – as well as Mother Earth and Father Sky  in creating a sacred space. Each direction calls upon an archetype that represents the individual directions, with their own energies, spirits, and powers. South is the serpent, West is the jaguar, North is the hummingbird and East is the eagle. Once you are in this sacred space, you are in a safe, healing sphere where the mundane cannot distract you. 


Bath Rituals

Running a bath with salts, essential oils, herbs, or flower petals creates a sacred space. Light candles and even play soothing music, whatever allows you to focus. You may even want to take the time to pause and meditate or engage in breathing exercises. The bath will give you a renewal of energy.



Now is the time to begin writing your wishes, dreams, intentions, and desires for the days ahead. Think of it as a manifestation list. Always try to be as specific as you can. Read your list aloud and repeat each day to remind yourself of your goals until the next full moon. You can also make a gratitude list while you have a pen handy.


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