Nail Colors That Will Keep Your Toes and Fingers Flawless Through The Beach Weekend?

by Team ATPB

Ever since my teenage years, when I regularly experimented with my mom and aunt’s makeup behind their backs, my beauty case has always included a red nail polish. Some may argue this is a bit “much” for a girl of 13 years but, fortunately, my mother always consented because she herself never lives without it. Even in the winter season, there is always a very red lacquer on her hands and feet. It is, perhaps, her “signature beauty look”: essential but impactful. 

In the years that we lived together (19 to be exact), we collected an incredible amount of red nail polish and lipstick, in every shade possible, from orange to cut rimson (which, in reality, only I wear out of the two of us).

This is why, when we talk about nail art or must-try polish, red is always at the top of my list of favorites. With a little bit of a push, I would like to venture out of my usual color comfort zone to suggest some long-lasting nail polish to wear through a beach weekend.

Summer is a season full of vibrant color, and it is an ideal moment to let your creative side run wild and to experiment with color combinations on your hands and feet, each time changing it up.

If pink, orange, and blue are your go-to tones for the hottest months of the year, you can’t forget about the soft nuances of a chic light pink, and even white, which we adore the super glam contrast it creates on your summer tanned skin.

Also, to secure a long-lasting hold during your days at the beach or summer holiday, wherever you are, don’t forget to use a gel top coat to prolong the durability of any product.

From pink to yellow to green, to even the hologram effect, here are nine color tones to try right away on your nails (and without the need for a touch up during your weekend adventures).

A touch of Periwinkle

Colder colors are not meant just for autumn and winter. Try this blue-purple tone for a super glam pedicure that will pop with a pair of simple sandals.
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Sheer Pink

Not just the tropical colors: a pastel pink can go the distance, especially if you love a discreet manicure and easy to match.
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Poppy Red

If you do not love neutral tones – and, just like my mother and I, you cannot live without a bright shade on your hands and feet – try this orangey-red. It’s the typical summer mood and the color just for you!
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Creamy Orange

If orange is your color, try this variation with a light metallic effect.
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Sparkling Blue

The mermaid look is trending this summer, from makeup to hair…why not try it on your nails as well? Here is a tone inspired by the deep seas.
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White Hot

Not just for your linen clothing: white is the perfect color for a simple but impactful manicure (and above all, matches any type of makeup, accessory or outfit).
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Sunshine Yellow

The quintessential summer color is yellow. Creamy, shiny and contained in a super cute bottle, this vibrant color needs to find its way onto your nails!
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Delicate Green

A color for who loves passing your days out in the open. The trick? Add small white lines or polka dots after applying the nail polish to give your nails a playful touch.
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A Waterfall of Glitter

When it comes to glitter, a neutral tone does not exist, but you can add this polish/top coat to the base color to light up your nails with a touch of a super catchy golden pink!
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