My Daily Beauty Rituals for Summertime

by Chloe' Flowers

daily beauty rituals


Recently, I’ve had a lot of time to focus on committing to my beauty rituals and routine. The older I get, the more I understand how important it is for my confidence to put effort into my everyday practices. My daily beauty rituals look like drinking lemon water in the morning (before coffee of course). I feel that this boosts my energy and keeps my skin clear and glowy. Moisturizing my body with coconut oil is also a daily ritual. I try to do this twice a day to maintain supple skin. My morning showers would be incomplete without Dr. Bronner’s lavender soap. Every (Self Care) Sunday, I use a face mask and exfoliate my body.


My Favorite Daily Beauty Rituals

My favorite part about my beauty routine is getting my nails done. I like a variety of nail lengths and styles. Some weeks, I prefer a long artsy acrylic nail, but I can also appreciate a simple manicure with my natural nail. I enjoy picking out designs before my appointments. I love the way beauty can also be a form of self-expression.



My second favorite (and newest) ritual includes using a Gua Sha! I love the way this tool feels against my face and it also magically reduces inflammation. Read more about this amazing beauty tool in Roki’s Gua Sha article. If money grew on trees, I would get more facials, massages, and maybe even lashes, but for now these will stay on my beauty wishlist!


Summer Skincare Routine

As we move into the summer, a major focus of mine has been skincare. My motto for skincare is “doing something is better than doing nothing”. Meaning, if you are showing your skin attention – it will always look better than if you weren’t. In the past, I’ve slacked on my skincare and its potential. As I get older, I now aspire to have gorgeous skin. There’s a youth and glow with healthy skin and that’s what I’m aiming for. Obviously, a lot of glow comes from within and how your soul feels – but let’s talk about some products I swear by. 

For the past year and a half, my go-to facial cleanser, deep pore scrub, and night cream all come from alba botanica. These products are affordable, and safe for sensitive skin. When I use these products consistently, I notice a big difference. It’s important that I use products that feel natural and aren’t too potent regarding fragrance. Witch hazel is something I like to use as a toner. I’ve kept it really simple with my skincare, to avoid irritating my skin in any way. My go-to face mask, Shea Moisture black castor oil mask, always makes my skin feel smooth and it is an affordable product you can grab at Target. 

I recently added a new face mask to my rotation and ordered Clean Greens Face Mask from Golde, a brand featured in How Female-Owned Beauty Brands Are Shaping the Industry. It made me happy to support a young black entrepreneur, Trinity Mouzon Wofford. This mask was expensive for someone as frugal as me, but it’s worth every dime. It feels heavenly and makes my pores feel free. Plus, a little goes a long way and it’s certified organic and vegan/cruelty-free. Sophia Roe is also a huge fan of this mask!


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Minimal Makeup Look

As far as makeup goes, I keep it pretty simple. I wear makeup twice a week when I have extra time or need a boost. I think wearing makeup minimally keeps my skin happy. I wear Bare Minerals Warm Deep Powder foundation. I use Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Espresso for contour and it doubles as a chocolate brown lip as well as in Sinamon for a highlighter and I won’t ever change it. I love a thick and promising lipgloss, and have only been able to use Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow since it came out! Chanel 10 Noir makes the perfect long-lasting mascara. 

My skin responds well with the less sugar I have. The main thing that clears my skin quickly is sweating and staying active. When I am consistent with running my skin is usually blemish-free. So much of diet and lifestyle have to do with your skin’s behavior. When I am stressed and run down, I break out. How I feel affects me inside and out. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle does more for my skin than products ever could.


Natural Hair Protective Styling for Summer

Being a naturalista that lives in Texas, means protective styling most of the summer. As much as I love to have my fro’ out, I know heat can severely damage my hair. My go-to protective styles for summer are usually box braids. Right now, I have a set of waist-length box braids that will likely stay in the next two months. Box braids that are waist length make me feel like a goddess, and most importantly it allows me to get up and go without having to wrestle with my natural hair. 



My best hair days are in the fall and early winter, so I don’t mind letting my curls rest during the warmer seasons. In order to maintain hair health and growth, giving my hair a break is what’s best this season. Something that protects my hair in any style, is my satin bonnet from FlorBella Boutique. This bonnet is JUMBO, and perfect for women with long braids and bigger afros. 


Not only do my daily beauty rituals enhance my outer looks, but also (and more importantly) how I feel on the inside. When I am consistent with my rituals, I feel so much more in love with myself. Each of these rituals takes time, and intentionality with the responsibility of self-maintenance. Staying on top of my beauty routines has taught me that caring for myself is just as important as caring for others. I hope that you also find time for your own daily beauty rituals and routines, Pretty Birds. 


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