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Mushroom Coffee- Is It Really Worth the Hype?

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Roki Prunali | Thursday February 15th 2018

All things don’t taste like pizza and cupcakes. Duh. It’s not a huge surprise that some of this health craze stuff really tastes like feet. I mean, it is healthy for a reason. Off my adaptogen high from last week, I have been sprinkling my Moon Juice Brain Dust wherever I can, and that healing potion may be revamping my insides but it is not smooth going down. So, when Anja mentioned to me that mushroom coffee does wonders (but tastes like dirt), of course I was all in. I am a sucker for pain in the name of gain. Luckily for me, the Shroom Room, the first ever mushroom coffeehouse, is located right here in Venice Beach.

Mushroom Coffee

Self-proclaimed “funguy”, Tero Isokauppila grew up foraging mushrooms in rural Finland and started the brand Four Sigmatic, finally discovering the medicinal mushroom advantages after a generations-long family tradition of mushroom picking. With a complete line of shroom-infused beverages, Four Sigmatic launched an all out mushroom coffee cult. Obviously, I want in.

I know what you are thinking – mushroom coffee is going to give me a hallucinogenic coma. Or even yucky mushrooms floating in your cup of joe. Nope, none of those mushroom stigmas here. For the most part, the coffee is already blended into mixes that just need some hot water, like a magical adaptogenic Nescafe. Appearances aside, science has seen the advantages of mushroom adaptogens, such as Cordyceps, boosting immune function and improving brain cells. In that cup of mushroom joe, you are getting all the benefits of coffee with the bonus points of mushrooms.

Mushroom Coffee

Topping the charts in rich antioxidant content, Cordyceps, Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Turkey tail, and Reishi have shown to have higher disease fighting and anti-aging antioxidants compared to their competitors, cocoa and green tea. These shrooms also contain ergothioneine and glutathione, the mother of all antioxidants. You all know where I am heading with this. Drum roll please…with all those mega antioxidants, mushroom coffee provides defense against those pesky free radicals that produce so much oxidative stress. Digestive help needed? Mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides, which act like probiotics for your digestive system, giving you that boost you need to get things moving.

Mushroom Coffee

And the verdict? Oddly enough, it actually did not taste like dirt. I’m not sure if it is my lack of sweet tooth when it comes to my coffee, but it really did taste a bit like a black coffee. Ok, don’t get me wrong, you can tell there is something in it, but it wasn’t like I was swallowing mushrooms. Honestly, it was quite enjoyable, nothing in comparison to my adaptogen potions.

I hauled my butt over to Venice Beach – which no one in their right mind does in the middle of the afternoon without a good reason – and was charmed by the little corner called the shroom room. The guy working behind the counter asked, “What are you doing after this?” Pleasantly intrigued by the question, I asked in return if I would have some crazy energy onset from my mushroom coffee. His reply was, “Your stamina will definitely be elevated.” And I must say, it gave that extra bit I needed for the hour and 15-minute drive home I had after my shroom coffee. Only in LA!

Photos Courtesy of Four Stigmatic 

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