Lessons Learned Moving Away From My Hometown

by Chloe' Flowers

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Have you ever considered leaving it all behind and starting fresh? I find that people either have no intentions to leave their hometown, or are genuinely ready to risk it all and move. If you are someone who has considered moving away from your hometown, or any town for that matter, then you are in the right place. I think my aunt’s passing offset something in my mind many years ago about the shortness of life. At that time, I realized how delicate and precious my life really was. Travel, film, and reading in my adolescence drew me to coastal desires. Moving away from my hometown was heavy on my mind for four months before I finally took a leap of faith and moved from Houston Texas, to LA with no real plan.

I cringe looking back at this decision because I had no idea what I was in for, but I wouldn’t take it back, Pretty Birds. At that time in my life, I was fresh out of college and wanted a change of scenery. I was curious about what else the world had to offer other than what I’d learned at home. Being born and raised in the south can really shelter you from many realities, and I was ready to experience a more colorful life. I have since then moved two more times! Today I will tell you why moving away from my hometown was the best decision I ever made. 


Self Growth & Discovery


There is an immense amount of personal growth that comes with moving away from everything that is familiar to you. Moving forces you to be a chameleon, and morph into another version of yourself to fit your new life. Experiencing culture shock, new weather and all new people will show you how much resilience you actually have. Having family nearby is a luxury you don’t understand until getting on an airplane to see them is required. Figuring things out alone can be intimidating and make you feel lost at first, but soon a sense of independence and accomplishment will set in.  


Limitless Exploration


Moving to a new place allows you to gain new interests and learn about parts of yourself you didn’t know existed. When I moved to LA, I learned how to manage my time better due to the traffic and having to allot for parking time. I became more aware of my health because the vegan and health scene is prominent. Eventually, I learned that I didn’t need to drive everywhere and that it was okay to walk a few blocks to grab dinner or go to the market. Somehow, I even became more environmentally aware. I grew interest in ethical goods, and buying local to support my community. With this move, I met a lot of people who operated from vastly different mindsets. People in LA seem to think that “the sky’s the limit”, and I began to think that too. A lot of my wildest dreams came true in California simply because I believed they could. I am fortunate to have adopted that perspective from the natives. Now that I am back in Texas, I appreciate my experience. Most of the customs I picked up are still a part of my day to day life. 


I think we subconsciously become interested in what we are shown by our family, friends and peers. Separating ourselves from everything we know gives us an opportunity to start from scratch and meet our authentic selves. It’s so much easier to make natural decisions without the constant input or influence of our loved ones. Now that we are closer, I know how to separate my persona from my upbringing, and I have more confidence in myself and my decision making. Moving allows you to be hand in hand not only with self awareness, but more importantly intuition. 


Where To Start


If moving interests you, I would start by making a list of places you want to move (even if it seems unrealistic). After you have created your list I would start with researching each place. Look into how much rent is and how the traffic flows there. Look into the culture and be specific about the area and neighborhood you may want to live in. Start to manifest and imagine yourself in these places, and allow your intuition to guide you. Moving is extremely touchy and scary for a lot of people, especially when moving away from what you’ve always known. I would suggest only sharing your new venture with those who are really supportive. One way I’ve decided where to move (twice) is to apply to jobs and seek opportunities. Whatever location seems to be more supportive of you before you even get there will most likely support you once you start to settle.


Parting Encouragement


An obvious step would be to save your money. Only you know exactly how much you’ll need after research. One key thing I would also like to mention is to use social media. Reach out to people who live where you want to move. Follow and converse with locals on social media to get real time perspectives and opinions on your dream location. Last but not least, believe in yourself. Moving even within the same city may seem hard, but you really can do anything when you put your mind to it. Keep in mind that if you move and it doesn’t work out you can always go back home. Once you accomplish moving to another state, you will be more open to major accomplishments having such a challenge under your belt. 


If you are thinking about moving away from your hometown, or moving in general, I encourage you to go forward with your wishes. After all, you only get one life. 

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