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Moringa Breakfast Bowl

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Roki Prunali | Thursday March 22nd 2018

After spending a day of my vacation in the Park City, Utah hospital, only to be discharged on a simple acid reflux, I have been trying to cut down my daily intake of those pesky acid triggers. Even though I am not completely sold on this being the cause of such incredible stomach pain, I took it as a chance to start from square one and clean up some of my less-admirable eating habits. I tend to let loose when I come to Los Angeles, not only because it is a foodie paradise, but because I can stock up on some of the yummy stuff I cannot get back home in Milan. Thus, leading me to excruciating stomach pain. If my nutritionist could only see me now; he only sees me when I am wounded and in need of help, but meanwhile, I am the reason for any of these issues. Oh well… we’ve got to live a little, right?

One of my daily vices that I am trying to cut back on is coffee. Still obsessing over my mushroom coffee (bringing back a stock of it so I can make all my Milanese friends try), I figured it might be better to just pull back the reigns on my coffee intake, because it really was rather high. Needless to say, the fatigue wave hit me hard as I detoxed from my coffee addiction. Searching through my local grocery store supplement aisle for some – any – substitute, I came across Moringa.

Moringa Breakfast Bowl

Moringa powder is made from naturally dried Moringa leaves, found mainly in Africa and Asia. It has kind of a spinachy green flavor and is bioavailable, which allows our bodies to absorb the benefits easier than synthetic supplements. Moringa has a relatively high value on the ORAC scale of antioxidant levels, comparable to matcha. You know my daily struggle with oxidative stress, still trying to find anything and everything high on the ORAC scale to get me out of this oxidative stress mess.

Since the diagnosis, whatever I can get my hands on to counteract the acid and inflammation in a quickie, sign me up. Moringa’s antibiotic and antibacterial properties can help with stomach disorders such as gastritis and ulcerative colitis. The Vitamin B found in Moringa aids in digestion.

The amount of iron found in a single serving of Moringa aids in the reduction of fatigue and that icky tired feeling you get. The Vitamin A then supports the metabolism of the iron that way your body can gave a greater absorption.

I have implemented Moringa into my morning routine sans coffee to make up for energy loss and tiredness I have been experiencing. Here is the Moringa breakfast bowl that has been brightening up my Malibu days.

Moringa Breakfast Bowl

Moringa Breakfast Bowl


2 small frozen bananas
1 teaspoon of lime juice
2 teaspoons of hemp seeds
1 cup of frozen spinach
1 small frozen avocado
1 cup of coconut water
1 tablespoon of Moringa powder

Blend everything together until smooth. Top with berries or any of your favorite toppings.

Moringa Breakfast Bowl

As with any supplement, I suggest you discuss with your doctor before using Moringa.

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