Miroslava Duma: On looking forward to 2013

by Tamu McPherson

To celebrate the incredible year that 2012 turned out to be and to welcome the promise that 2013 holds, I reached out to some of the women who inspire me the most to find out their thoughts on 2012 and goals for 2013. My eighth guest is the one and only Miroslava Duma: mother of sweet little George, founder of the highly successful Russian website Buro 24/7, budding apparel entrepreneur, and dear, dear friend. To find up what’s next for Buro and see more of her amazing looks…

What did 2012 teach you?
To be more patient, to be wiser, to dedicate more time to family and close friends, and that hard work pays off in the end.

Three words you would like to use more often in the New Year.
Happy, successful, healthy.

Someone you would like to thank while 2012 is still here.
My amazing family! My parents, my husband and my beautiful son.

Someone you would like to meet in 2013.
I would have loved to meet Michael Jackson my favorite singer, and I was so lucky to meet and establish a friendship this year with his long time stylist Rushka Bergman. After hours of story telling by Rushka, it feels like I’ve been able to meet him in a way.

A trip you will definitely take in the new year.
My Favorite city in the world, New York!

The first piece you will add to your wardrobe in the new year.
Definitely something from Balenciaga’s upcoming collection.

Your top project for 2013.
My internet project Buro247.ru. We are launching an English version in the new year so I really hope you all stay tuned and read us daily!

What would you like to improve about yourself in the new year?
I would like to arrive at my meetings on time:). And, I’m also very emotional, very honest and up front. So I would like to learn how to control my emotions better . 🙂

Your first e-mail or text of the new year. Who are you writing it to?
Should be an email to Buro 24/7’s editor-in-chief ;).

The dish that wont’ be missing from your new year’s table.
In Russia we have a very traditional New Years table with a duck or chicken roast, a Russian potato salad, roasted potatoes and many other traditional dishes. But this year we are in the Middle East so I am not sure what sort of dishes we will be tasting!

The soundtrack to your new year.
It’s by the Russian singer Gregoriy Leps. I was in love with all of his songs this year. 🙂

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