Michelle Elie-Meiré’s “Stay (Faraway, So Close!)” Moment

by Tamu McPherson


By Michelle Elie-Meiré

This piece is from the Comme des Garçons Spring 2014 collection – a collection which many thought was not wearable or practical, but rather, some more architectural shapes and forms from Mrs. Rei Kawakubo.

True to some, but as for Mrs. Kawakubo’s point of view, I am sure it is something else – of course she has no interest to say, but only to show her ideas … because it is pointless and useless. One must find his or own codes and interpretations in life.

Back to Fashion. I had the great opportunity to place my order at the Comme des Garcons’ showroom, which for me was a sort of privilege as I got to see the entire collection off the runway and experience it for myself,  and to choose for myself as opposed to the buyers selection of what they think they could sell.

I chose the black, sort of part armor, part wing, part something else, because I made an immediate connection to some images that have tinted my memory for years and years and that are still strong for inspiration and dreams. One is the video directed by Wim Wenders for U2, 1993 called “Stay (Faraway, So Close!)”. I remembered being taken away by this video for months afterwards and dreaming of this sort of falling angel. The second image was the amazing 1992 Harper’s Bazaar editorial staring Amber Valletta as an angel wondering the city streets. These images have become eternal for me. These are pictures or images that live in our dreams and give us an escape to somewhere beautiful and inspirational.






Here are the images referenced by Michelle in her text.

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