Metal Mania: Gold and Silver Lipsticks to Put You In The Party Spirit

by Team ATPB

As foreseen by the prophet Beyoncé during last year’s Super Bowl Halftime show, the beauty trend that the rest of us civilians are now catching up on is a flawless metallic lip. Super hot hues like gold or silver may be a challenge to pull off in our daily lives, but through the holiday season and during the cold winter ahead it can be an incredibly glam risk worth taking.

If you’ve choosen your smile as the focus of your look, you’re probably already aware of the allure that comes with a perfectly applied lip. Metallics in particular require attention and effort in application and wear, and their high maintenance is precisely what makes them the perfect addition to any super-glam evening look. Naturally, there’s no reason not to wear a simple gold lip to the office in a slightly more natural or nude shade.

If you’re lost for direction there are a few red carpet stars to look to for inspiration; Lupita Nyong’o, for example, will never miss out on the chance to flaunt a shade of metallic lipstick on her lips because it enhances her beautiful complexion. Even a nude-addictlike Angelina Jolie opted for a metal pink for one of her latest step-and-repeats. Finally, lets not forget Rihanna, who has created numerous shiny shades for her collection Fenty Beauty.

This trend has also attracted designers: from silver-grey to gold metal, we truly saw every color in the book on the SS18 catwalks! Gold and silver were by far the most popular, and perfect for anyone who loves getting into that holiday spirit!

Experimenting with these shades on your lips? Here are the three best lipsticks to dip into this trend.

Cosmic Metal Lip Cream in Galactic by Nyx Cosmetics

It has a creamy finish and is a great shade of vibrant silver. Pair it with a nude makeup look.

Metallic Lipstick in Metalwork by Mac Cosmetics

It has an intense color formula and a chrome, pearly finish. Your lips will be illuminated by this shade of beige with golden reflections.

Kylie Jenner Metal Lipsticks in King K

This lipstick is characterized by a shade of soft metal gold and has a rich texture with  a creamy finish.

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