MET Gala Beauty Looks: The Best Looks to Recreate

by Team ATPB

MET Gala Beauty Looks: The Best Looks to Recreate

We always drool over the MET Gala beauty looks: original, bold, linked to a specific theme each year this time it was “Comme des Garçons/Rei Kawakubo: Art of the In-Between”, a tribute to Rei Kawakubo, the mind behind the brand Comme des Garçons and which are always inspiring, just like the makeup and hair looks created with the intent of capturing the photographersflash. Its tough deciding which looks are the best; weve selected seven top looks to replicate so you can be cool even in your day-to-day life.

Jennifer Lopez

The uncontested queen of the red carpet, Jennifer Lopez, never misses a beat. Not even as far as boyfriends go, seeing as how she strolled down the red carpet hand-in-hand with baseball star Alex Rodriguez. The actress-singers makeup is pretty simple. Her gaze is emphasized by some black eyeliner while her eyelids are colored with a champagne-colored eyeshadow. Lashes are extra long: to create this effect you can wear a fake pair or you can opt for a coat of super volumizing and lengthening mascara. Lips are rigorously nude with a shiny finish, just as Jennifer prefers. Color eyebrows without darkening them and dont forget to highlight your cheekbones. 

Selena Gomez

The star walked down the red carpet with The Weekend for the very first time the two have been dating exclusively for a few months now. Selenas beauty look focuses entirely on the eyes thanks to full-color, fuchsia makeup. Choose this color if your eye color and complexion are similar to the actress/singers. Are you fans of colorful eye makeup? If so then youll most certainly like the next look as well.

Emily Ratajkowski

Multi-color makeup for the American supermodel and actress. You can try recreating the look too, starting from your eyes. Outline your upper eyelid using an ultramarine eye pencil and staying as close as possible to your lash line. On the outer corner of your eye, on the other hand, use a turquoise or aquamarine eye pencil. On the bottom, illuminate your eye contour using a fluorescent orange pencil with a very bright finish. For your lips, choose a rose peach or coral color. 

Lupita Nyongo

Even Lupita loves spectacular eye makeup. The rule is clear: the actress colors her eyelids using more than one shadow, but leaves her lips nude and shiny by using a gloss or moisturizer. To replicate her rainbow look, draw a blue outline along your lash line and emphasize the inside of your eye using a gold or yellow eyeshadow. Eyelids are colored using an orange powder on the innermost part and fuchsia on the outermost parts. Complete the eye makeup look by smudging purple powder and some turquoise on the upper part of the mobile eyelid.

Kendall Jenner

Orange red lips for Kendall Jenner who chooses a classic pairing: red lips, black eyeliner and mascara which separate lashes really well. This true diva look is softened, however, by her sleek hair which gives more of a rock finish. If you want to recreate her makeup look, remember to outline your lips very well: no bleeding allowed.

Rita Ora

Even Rita Ora opts for a look that is similar to Kendalls, even if more defined thanks to her well-defined eyebrows, placed at the forefront, and her lashes which are even longer and thicker. For this type of makeup it is very important to have a uniform base over your face: the red used on lips could highlight any imperfections so it would be best to use coverup on any critical areas.

Lily Collins

Do you love a true goth lady makeup look? Then youll have to be inspired by Lily Collinss beauty look. She chooses a burgundy lipstick for her lips and pairs it with clumpy lashes. The dark makeup and lips contrast her pale complexion. Dedicated to those who love to be bold, even and especially on the red carpet. 

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