Melting Lip Powders, Courtesy of Korean Beauty

by Solenne Kamba

Melting Lip Powders, Courtesy of Korean Beauty

Have you heard ? There’s a lipstick/lip stain/matte lipstick/(insert here any kind of lip color) upgrade on the shelves. We thought we’ve seen it all, but K-beauty has done it again. Always seemingly thousands of years ahead, Korean beauty seems to rhyme with innovation. Enter, the latest addition to the lip game: melting lip powders.

LA-based brand CLE (Creative Lass Esthetics) brings us the best of beauty technology with their made in Korea melting lip powders. If this seems brand new, you might be surprised to know that the technique actually goes as far back as Ancient Mesopotamia. K-Beauty has modernized the product with the latest cosmetic knowledge, but at the time, Egyptians used crushed gemstones or boiled insects to color their lips in a show of social status (never
gender). Cleopatra herself used crushed bugs blended with carmine and beeswax to stain her lips red. Have no fear, the modern incarnations are insect-free.

What are Lip Powders?
Simply put, they are lipsticks in dry powder form. But true magic happens when you apply the product onto your warm skin, and the heat causes them to liquefy.

How it works
According to cosmetic chemist Kelly Dobos, the magic is actually science. Silica silylate, a hydrogel molecule with a powder. “That particular form of silica has a very large surface area, so it can absorb a lot of oil and pigment, which makes it feel more like a powder than a gel”. When hydrogel makes contact with the oil naturally found on your skin, it transforms from a powder into satiny lipstick consistency, producing that magical melting phenomenon.

Why we love it 
CLE Melting Lip Powder comes in four shades – Barbie Pink (bright pink), Milk Choco (light brown), Red Cherry (deep red), and Ultra Summer (soft coral) – in a finely milled powder form. The formulas are also enriched with vitamin E and coconut oil to give your lips extra moisture, making it the perfect lip stain for the winter. The matte finish gives it an everyday and off-duty look, but the best part is, it’s multi- purpose! The lip powder can be applied on either lips and cheeks or both for a vibrant feel. Crafted with micro-capsule technology, the formula is waterproof and smudge proof.

Beauty Tip
You can wear a MLP on its own or on top of darker lipstick for enhanced contrast. You can apply it all over the lips for a fuller look, or just in the center for a more futuristic, K-beauty- inspired look. This “gradient lip” gives an overall bright, fresh and youthful feel when worn with clean, bare skin. For a monochromatic and trendy look, focus on pigmenting two areas: the lips and cheeks.

Top MLP Edit 
RiRe on Amazon, $16,90.

Touch in Sol, Chroma and at Sephora, 20$.

CLE Cosmetic, $19.99.

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