Meet Adama Sesay, Founder of Lilith Astrology

by Adama Sesay

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Meet Adama Sesay

My name is Adama Sesay and I’m a 32-year-old New York City-based astrologer and founder of Lilith Astrology. I’m thrilled to share with you that I will be creating horoscopes and astrological articles for All The Pretty Birds! Each month, I will dive deep into the important events occurring for each zodiac sign in the cosmos as well as demystifying the different areas of astrology. 


So what is Lilith in astrology? Similar to your rising, sun and moon sign placements, True Black Moon Lilith is a placement in the birthchart that represents hidden raw and untamed femininity. It is in fact the point in space where the moon’s orbit is farthest from the sun. This divine feminine energy in the birthchart can be liberating and empowering when understood and harnessed in the right way. 


My mission in life is to uplift and motivate women through the sacred study of astrology and I created Lilith Astrology to serve as an astrological online platform for women of all genders, ages and walks of life. I did not grow up wanting to be an astrologer. In fact, knowing that my sign was a Scorpio and reading my horoscope each month was the extent to my astrological knowledge. Astrology is really a craft that calls to you when you’re ready and for me, it happened during my Saturn Return; the ominous astrological reality check. With my Saturn in Sagittarius, I moved across the country to Portland, Oregon to experience a change of scenery and gain a fresh perspective on life. 


I left New York City with no job or plan and only a small amount of savings. Luckily a few months after my arrival in Portland, I began working in marketing at a well-known astrology and tarot website after a fairly quick application and interview process. Thanks to divine timing, it was there that astrology came into my life full force. 


My love for studying, writing, and creating content about the cosmos grew day by day. As my knowledge grew, I was able to start analyzing my own chart and was blown away by how accurate it was. I learned astrology is much deeper than reading your monthly horoscope. This ancient knowledge can be used to improve your life, uncover your true path and help you understand your natural talents.


After a couple of years in Portland, I moved back to New York City. My love for astrology continued to grow and I decided to invest in formalized classes. During one class, the archetype of Lilith was introduced. We discussed the myth of Lilith and Adam and how this energy manifests astrologically; I realized how this intense divine feminine energy plays a major role in my birth chart and psyche.


She is known to be the first wife of Adam before Eve. She believed that she was his equal, and when he did not agree with this, she left him. Lilith indicates the side in ourselves that is more primal and uncontrollable that cannot be tamed. The aim of empowering yourself through your True Black Moon Lilith astrological placement is to connect with your primal instincts in a pure, loving way. It was after this particular class that I had the idea for Lilith Astrology


adama sesay lilith astrology


I not only knew that it was my life calling to be an astrologer but it was particularly to serve and uplift women. With True Black Moon Lilith placed in Leo in my 1st House of Identity, I have experienced inequality, feeling powerless and as a result did not have a strong voice. When I walk into a room, subconsciously this intense Lilith energy manifests in my personality. Astrology uncovered this and brought it to light for me to heal, find my purpose and move forward with strength. It was through my knowledge of the cosmos that I found the courage to speak my truth, pursue my passions and walk with the knowledge that I am enough. It’s powerful to be able to identify my unique lessons and ancestral karma that I’ve been tasked with working through in this lifetime. From my own past lessons and experiences, I knew that it was my karmic duty to help heal, uplift and encourage the voices of other women. 


I have personal astrological readings available where I work with my clients one on one. My goal is to educate women about the different layers of their astrological DNA, work through personal struggles, identify subconscious patterns or behaviors and develop actionable ways to resolve and move forward. 


Each week on our website and social media channels, I go beyond the monthly horoscope with informative videos, webinars, articles, and events. We also now have monthly contributors delving into fresh topics and creating content to share their unique perspectives. I believe that female empowerment is contagious and I want to release content into the world that will raise the vibration, motivate, comfort and inspire the female collective. 


I created this as an online platform to amplify discussions surrounding not only astrology but overall topics that women face on a day to day basis. From career, mental health, family, love, relationships to managing finances; I want all women of every race, ethnicity, and background to experience the profound healing and solace that I have personally found through astrology. To book a personal astrological consultation with me, visit Lilith Astrology. I’m looking forward to sharing my Astrological knowledge with you here on All the Pretty Birds each month!


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