Masking Your Way Through Fashion Month

by Team ATPB

If youre getting ready for fashion week, take note: nothing eases the stress of an overdose of fashion shows than a facial mask. Masking the perfect pampering to treat yourself to start the day, break between shows, or wind down at the end of the night. Tamu has already stocked up on super yummy products to get her through the fully packed month ahead — and well be backstage at the shows, getting the scoop on all the beauty tips from hair stylists and makeup artists as well as from the models (the original diehard mask fans)!

Sheet masks offer an enormous advantage, because they are soft, easy to remove and dont require any rinsing. Any product residue thats left on your face is massaged into your skin so as to facilitate total absorption. Easy, right?

If youve got 5-10 minutes of free time during this crazy month dedicated to fashion well be in New York, London, Milan and Paris use that time to apply a mask! Your skin will be brighter, moisturized and more compact right away, and you will instantly feel better and ready to work hard in the front row of any show.

Here are the best masks for to get you through the month:

Bio: Végane Organic Cranberry Sheet Mask
It contains organic blueberry extract and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration. It is ideal for normal to dry skin, and should be left on for 10 minutes.

Black Mask by Incarose
This mask contains a base made of coal powder, black sugar and vegetable extract, which surprisingly exerts a detox effect that enhances skins natural brightness.

Dr. Scheller Argan and Amaranth Sheet Mask
Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, organic Argan extract and Amaranth seeds immediately leave your skin more compact.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Powerfoil Mask
Thanks to its patented technology, this enveloping mask facilitates fast and deep penetration of below the skins surface, thus helping to keep skin hydrated.

Image Skincare Biomolecular Hydrating Recovery Mask
This new generation of hydrogel masks, containing ingredients derived from red algae and Carob bush, increase the in-depth circulation of these active elements.

Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask by Kiehl’s
Infused with a mixture of three exotic oils, all of vegetable origin (from the Amazon rainforest), that were cold pressed, this mask (the very first mask containing biocellular hydrogel available on the market) guarantees immediate hydration, while also giving skin a sensation of softness and smoothness over time.

Starskin Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask
The most potent extracts from the ocean nourish skin deeply. It removes all impurities and offers a complete detox treatment.

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