Maria Vittoria Paolillo, Founder of MVP Creations

by Tamu McPherson
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Five Rings Cage
Glove Cage with Diamonds
Double Cage Gold Ring
Double Cage Black Ring


Happy Monday Pretty Birds,

I’m so happy to introduce you to emerging jewelry designer Maria Vittoria Paolillo, founder of MVP (total boss acronym, no?). I met her last fall at the & Other Store opening in Rome, from where she hails. She was chatting with my friend Alessandra Airò, the amazing blogger behind Little Snob Thing. Then at a certain point, she raised her hand t0 brush away a strand of hair that had fallen in her face. And BAM, just like that, I became acquainted and super obsessed with her “Cage” rings. An unexpected introduction that transported me into one of those slow motion episodes where you’re transfixed on an object that’s so intriguing, it sucks you in leaving everything else to dance around in a blur. When I broke through my hypnotic moment, I unabashedly made my way over to the two girls and shamelessly asked Alessandro to introduce me. Hey, I’m focused – when something is good, it’s imperative that I get the details. Not just for myself, but also for you my dears. Well, it was totally worth it, because Maria Vittoria not only impressed me with her beautiful line, but also with her ambition and determination. Both of which I want to share with you know, Please enjoy getting to know her…

ATPB: When was MVP Creations founded? 
MVP: I founded MVP Creations in 2013, 3 years ago.

ATPB: Why?
MVP: I had a wish to create a brand of my own, younger and affordable, using less precious materials than the ones that my family has been using through the generations.

ATPB: What’s the philosophy behind MVP Creations?
MVP: MVP is a fusion of my passions, my story and an expression of myself, which is why I constantly wear my creations.

ATPB: How do you write a story for MVP Creations that is different from that of your father who is a respected player in the italian jewelry business?
MVP: I wanted to make a change without distancing myself from what I’ve been familiar with since I was a child, jewels, so I decided to use different materials and to bring together elegance with a more modern design.

ATPB: Do you ever feel pressure because of your father’s business?
MVP: I wouldn’t call it a weight, his strong personality and his achievements are a source of comparison and sometimes of conflict, but they always help me be more determined to reach the same goals he has achieved, widening them to include my passions.

ATPB: A signature detail of your creations?
MVP: The details that gives character to all my collection are the lines, geometries, symmetries and elegance.

ATPB: Who is your muse?
MVP: My muse is Drew Hemingway, she is the kind of woman who I wish wore MVP

ATPB: Who is your client?
MVP: MVP’s clients are determined women who want to be elegant but with a very definite style, they are detail-oriented… and want to be stylish at all times!!

ATPB: What were you doing before you launched MVP Creations?
MVP: I launched my line when I was quite young, only 23 years old, I studied all kinds of stones at Rome’s Confcommercio, from pearls to diamonds, I spent 3 years in our IGL (Italian Gemological Lab) where I learned to speak with stones 🙂 and after that I spent a year at my jewelry store in the centre of Rome. After a short while I knew that managing only the store wasn’t for me, I wanted to explore that world more closely. It allows me to have fun, to travel, it absolutely expresses my personality and it gives me satisfaction every day.

ATPB: What are your goals for 2015?
MVP: I hope to get my brand abroad!


ATPB Questionnaire:

Name: Maria Vittoria Paolillo

Occupation: Jewelry Designer

Passion: Always diamonds, which are at the heart of my family’s work, certainly geometry and desserts.

Hometown: Rome

Current Town: Rome

Favorite Cities: Without a doubt my own city, Rome, and then New York. I go every year, I can’t help but stay there for at least a month.

Favorite place to shop in those cities: In Rome I go to multi-brand stores to see the trends, Excelsior, Zita Fabiani, but for my own wardrobe I will always choose Niki Nika or  Pifebo and Moll Flanders for vintage pieces; in NY, Tokio7 for the best vintage!

Favorite place to dine in those cities: in Rome I’ll go to Dolce every time I can, you can’t miss it… while in NY I will always stop by All’antica Pesa (Brooklyn), La esquina and Shiller’s.

Favorite Breakfast: Muesli, Kiwi, yogurt and honey.

Favorite Breakfast spot: I’ve got two: Ciampini for Italian food and the amazing location, Coromandel, for an American brunch.

What’s your beauty routine?

Skin: The credit for my routine goes all to my dermatologist, I value my skin because I love a natural, fresh faced look.

Where do you cut your hair? Always at HOLE in Rome.

Where do you shop Online? Netaporter, Luisaviaroma, The Corner.

Describe your style: I don’t have a particular style, I love to change, but I’d say a mix of elegant and whimsical.

Any style rules? No rules. My main focus is trying to express my strong character with my style.

Favorite season: Summer.

Favorite place: My house in Porto Rotondo, Sardinia.

Favorite texture: Absolutely silk, its feel to the touch makes it the most elegant fabric of all.

Favorite color: black and bordeaux

Favorite book: I love biographies of great women, especially the ones about fashion icons

Favorite artist: Tamara de Lempicka.

Favorite fragrance: Narciso Rodriguez.

Favorite Decade: This current one — I love the direction taken by fashion and design.

Favorite Planet: Venus

Favorite Flower: Roses and sunflowers, their colors are those of the feelings I feel closest: love and jealousy.

What do you do before you go to bed? I confess, I check on my Instagram account, but the very last thing I do is call my boyfriend on the phone if he’s not with me, I love hearing his voice before going to sleep.

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