by Tamu McPherson

Hey There Pretty Birds,

Meet this week’s Pretty Bird, Marcellina. She’s a PYT (pretty young thing) living here in Milano, and part of a group of movers and shakers taking over the city one event at a time. PR rep by day and part of the highly sought after Roll Over Beethoven movement at night, she hails from Trani, a sea-side town on the Adriatic Sea near Bari. What I love about her the most is that she’s full of refreshing contradictions and unconventional wisdom – characteristics the shine through in her profile. Curious aren’t you? Please enjoy getting to know here better. xoxo, Tamu

Name: Marcella

Occupation: PR

Passion: People and their stories.

Hometown: Trani, Italy (near Bari)

Current Town: Milan

Favorite Cities: Milan, Paris, Istanbul

Favorite place to shop in those cities:

In Milan you can find something everywhere, from the super fancy and high end fashion stores to the most cute vintage shops, concept stores… hard to choose!

In Paris, I love to walk around the small streets in Les Marais, and shop at all the amazing vintage boutiques. I also love “DEYROLLE” in Rue du Bac, but I still haven’t bought anything there yet!

In Istanbul there is a lovely store, Atoyle Mariposa, with the best vintage dresses and objects ever!

Favorite place to dine in those cities:

In Milan, for sure L’osteria deL binari in via Tortona or at Tom Bon de San Marc, in Brera, its like being transported to another era!

But when I want to stay light, I always go to Lattughino in via Vigeano!

PARIS to me means “brasserie” but Nanashi, in Rue Charlot, is definitely lighter and lovely!

In Istanbul, Guney in Galata is pretty nice, also perfect when it’s sunny outside, sit just in front of the tower. Also, Karakoy Lokantasi, in Karakoy, is a lovely non-touristic restaurant.

Favorite Breakfast: I often eat yogurt with muesli, honey and goji seeds, but I actually love the typical caffè espresso with a good cornetto!

Favorite Breakfast spot: Patrizia and Michele Pasticceria, a couple from Naples and their daughter offer a large selection of homemade neapolitan pastry, and their cornetto is one of my favorite!

What’s your beauty routine: I practice 20/30 min of aerobic exercises almost every morning.

Skin: Simple scrub soap and hydrating oil.

Where do you cut your hair: Gum Salon in via Vetere.

Describe your style: generally sober and a bit masculine (apart from a pair of heels which I always need!)

What are your favorite brands: Miu Miu since I was a kid, then Dries Van Noten, Cèline, Sansovino6, and a very good vintage piece.

Any style rules: Too much is TOO MUCH!

Favorite poet: I’ve never been into poems, but maybe Orazio and his “Carpe diem”!

Favorite season: Summer!

Favorite location: I love all the places in which the architecture is strictly connected to the nature and landscape … like a little town on the sea, and for sure in Italy, you can find a lot of this kind of connection.

Favorite texture: Generally I like everything is puffy and soft, like a big wool sweater or a pillow, they’re so relaxing. But also very light and transparent stuff like lace, tulle… pretty sexy!

Favorite color: I love all pastel colors, they remind me of childhood and delicacy! But most of the time I dress black!

Favorite book: “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”. It was the first book that my future husband gave me, and this passage represents the way we live as a couple and our view of the world: “two beings who love, alone, isolated from the rest of the world… is very nice! But what would they talk about all the time? As the world is despicable, they need it to be able to talk.”

Favorite artist: Henri Rousseau! In all of his paintings I can find the perfect connection I was talking about before!

Favorite fragrance: Vanilla is always in my heart, it reminds my mom’s cakes

Favorite Decade: I’ve always found fascinating the 20’s/30’s, even the cigarettes with their holders were so classy and cool!

Favorite Planet: Venus for it’s the Beauty!

Favorite Flower: All the field flowers, natural and strong!

What do you do before you go to bed: I start to watch a movie…. and I never finish!!

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