The Look for 2018 is Bi-Color


The Look for 2018 is Bi-Color

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Michela Marra | Friday December 1st 2017

“Your tongue may be able to hide the truth, but your eyes will never lie!”

So says Michail Bulgakov, one of the most famous authors of Russian literature. Indeed, looking into someone’s eyes is often the only way to really discover that person’s thoughts and feelings. However, makeup can be truly magical: the infinite color combinations we apply to our eyes (just as we do to our lips) can say a lot about us. It can reveal aspects of our personality or, more simply, our predisposition to follow the latest makeup trends.

The Spring/Summer 2018 runways were awash with this year’s most playful trend: two-tone makeup. Why settle for a single shade when you can explore unique combinations of electric hues? Those who wish to be bold, for example, will go for pop colors like pink and fuchsia. 


(A Détacher and Antonio Marras Shows)

Also, blue and green, two colors that represent the warmer season’s positive energy very well, are paired to give create very cool smokey eyes. Chanel knows this all too well, and has chosen shades of aquamarine as the focal point of its beauty look for the spring collection, while beauty addicts who are more willing to experiment with new makeup looks won’t be able to do without adding a touch of brightness to the classic smokey eye which has always focused on black and brown.

(Chanel and Michael Costello shows)

And how about dusty rose that blends into brown? This is the more romantic option dedicated to those who don’t love excess and prefer soft shades that exude a vintage allure.

(Brock show)

Beginners can get excited by starting with the classic black smokey eye to then liven up with either red or green, depending on what they’re wearing.

Experts are convinced that, more and more, makeup is becoming a veritable accessory, so there’s nothing better than coordinating it with the rest of your outfit. You’ll need a bit of extra care on application: to add a dramatic accent to your makeup or to enhance your eyes, color the upper lash line and eye contour with a darker powder. The eyelid will become your palette where you can experiment chromatic combinations and give life to a truly personalized eye makeup look.

Looking for the perfect colors for your eye makeup?

We suggest choosing from the shades that make up these brand-new palettes.

The Essential Palette by Clarins

Ten precious eyeshadows that play with four different textures: five nacre shades, a touch of silver-diamond, three satin shades and one with a matte finish. A harmony of cool shades and tones of ice-blue, slightly iridescent, customized in both light nuances to illuminate and darker shades to add depth. Ideal for glamorous holiday makeup: the black nacre defines your gaze, the white nacre illuminates it and the silver-grey tones complete your eye makeup with a touch of magical splendour!

Latin Glow International Eye Palette by Make Up Factory

It stands out because of the special brightness of the shades it offers which are warmer tones of brown, terracotta and bronze.

Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay

Heavy metal is this year’s trend! Try mixing two of the twenty different, super bright eyeshadows in order to inject a dose of glam rock to both your daytime and evening looks. From extraordinary shades inspired by precious stones like Amp (irresistible metallic blue) and Twisted (shimmery gold) to neutral shades that are ultra flat like Demo (bronzed pink) and Afterparty (an amazing metallic red), this palette has everything you need to create an infinity of looks.

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