Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Leo Season 2020

by Alyx Carolus

leo season


It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Leo season. There’s a saying that you don’t need to ask if someone’s a Leo, because they’ll definitely tell you. Leo placements are known for being loyal to a fault, charismatic and maybe, mildly self-absorbed. A fixed fire sign and ruled by the Sun, Leo has its season from July 23 to August 22. This period comes shortly after the emotional and introspective Cancer season and ushers in a brand-new energy. Why is it so refreshing? Leos are all about being center stage, filled with joy, and ready to celebrate. Yes, even during a pandemic. 



What’s the big deal behind Leo season?

In case you didn’t know – our Chief Lover Tamu is a Leo herself (July 30) and so am I (August 20) so this time is a major moment for us. Even if you’re not a Leo, the season definitely impacts the entire zodiac. As this Allure article explains, “Bold, fire sign energy is just what we need to take charge and shamelessly be our true selves. This sign is all about action and can inspire even the most timid of us to fight for what we believe in.”



Leo season feels like my new year and no matter what is going on in my life, I put everything down and focus on joy, happiness and what will make life feel good. It’s a moment to take stock of what I’ve achieved and celebrate how far I’ve come.


The Cut shares, “At its best, Leo season can offer the freedom you need to express yourself fully, to be yourself truly, to move through the world the way you’ve always wanted to.” And further explains, “But Leo’s brash confidence exists alongside a beautiful warmth and generosity. The whole point of taking charge isn’t just to make sure your own needs are met, but to lead everyone else to the good life along with you.”


Notable Leos include Barack Obama, Meghan Markle, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez. Can you see the pattern here? 


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How to celebrate Leo season 2020? 

Unashamedly. I personally celebrate my birthday for the entire month. It’s a known joke in my friendship circle, that August is my entire birthday, and for the most part everyone plays along. Leo season is all about warmth, opulence, and golden bright light. It’s easy enough to bring elements of that into your own routine and day-to-day existence. While some of us are struggling and it’s not always possible to splurge during this time, you can do some small things to celebrate Leo season.

  • Treat yourself to a spa day
  • Make a wish list and share it with your friends
  • Donate to a shelter and drop off goods
  • Get a haircut 
  • Book a photoshoot 


Soak in Leo season with a few of our favorite Leos on IG!

Here at ATPB, we know quite a few people who belong to this outspoken zodiac sign and while the sun sign isn’t the only important part of astrology, Leo placements are usually quite easy to spot. This Elite Daily article shares, “There’s nothing this fixed fire sign loves more than being the center of attention and now you know why. Playful and passionate, Leo season is all about tapping into your unique spirit and cultivating your individual happiness.”

If you’ve been scrolling down your feed, you’ve probably seen some Leo season celebrations courtesy of the wondrous Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli, founder of Naked Beauty podcast and Kimberly Drew, author of ‘What I Know About Art’. Here’s some fierce Leos to follow on your socials. 




How are you celebrating Leo season this year? Let us know below!


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