Last Minute New Year’s Eve Dresses and a little reflection on celebrating the new year

by Tamu McPherson

New Year's Eve Dresses 1
Last Minute New Year’s Eve Dresses By Tamu McPherson

What a year it’s been. Like Nia said in her post Navel Gazing at The End of The Year, 2016 has been filled with a catalog of highs and lows. And like Nia, myself and a lot of our friends and family, you are in need of some great release. A moment to exhale, to shake away the blues, the confusion in your head and if you have been fortunate, to jump up and down for joy over an important accomplishment. I’m heading to South Africa for the first time to celebrate my best friend’s 50th birthday. Among a list of gala festivities, he’s throwing A GOOD AND PROPER NEW YEAR’S CELEBRATION. And I can’t express how much I’m looking forward to getting down on the dance floor, to bubbling with laughter, to letting my heart shed a tear, or two, or three, all while surrounded by great friends, and wrapped in their love and light.

I talk about it in my Shoesday Tuesday: 18 Bright and Sparkly New Year’s Eve post. Let this New Year’s Eve be the moment where you stomp away all of your troubles. And, as I always say, while material things are not the solution to life’s ills, they can add some much needed levity to the woes suffered by our hearts, souls and minds. I know that putting on a pretty outfit and heading out for a night of revelry always helps me to recharge my buttons and puts me in the right state of mind to confront a challenge or push myself to the next level of my journey. Especially if the evening entails a night of dancing. There is just something so luxurious and cathartic about reconnecting to your core through dancing. It might have something to do with re-aligning yourself with your personal rhythm. Setting you back on your personal track.

A new year presents a new set of opportunities and ways to better ourselves and possibly humanity. The thought of which excites me so very much. I know, I am on a somewhat sentimental page here. But, I guess that’s just the old adage that “hope never dies” tapping me on my shoulder. I’m hopeful y’all. Even if Franca Sozzani just passed away (I can’t believe it), and George Michael (the icon whose Christmas music filled our homes for nearly four decades) a few days later, and just yesterday, Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher.

There is an energy in the universe pushing me to be positive and encouraging me to march into the new year ready to take on whatever is thrown my way – good, bad, ugly. A reason, the perfect reason to celebrate. What happened this year did not break me, but showed me the depth of my resolve (I’m sure I read that line somewhere). So in 2017, I will be mindful of what I’ve endured and climb higher. Feeling like this after the year we’re leaving behind deserves a night of champagne toasts. A drink to those we’ve lost, a drink to acknowledge the fact that our light shines even in the face of Trumps sleazy darkness and those Americans who were so egotistical that they through us minorities, women, immigrants, and members of the LBGT community under the proverbial bus.

On Saturday, I’ll put on one of my favorite frocks, and I want you to put on a pretty dress too.  Lets head out with the ones we love and celebrate life (in style).

In these images I wear a dress by Maki Oh, find it at

New Year's Eve Dresses 2

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  • New Year's Eve Dresses
    Alice McCall White Seniorita Dress

Photographer, Eleonora Adani
Make-up Artist, Manuel Montanari
A special thank you to the Park Hyatt Milan for hosting us for our holiday shoot.

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