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My Last Holiday Party Before the Break

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Tamu McPherson | Thursday December 21st 2017

Pretty Birds, how are we holding up?

All partied out, but not stressed – right? The last 21 days have been intense to say the very least.

We moved into our new apartment on December 1st, and immediately began the neverending chore of unpacking and organizing our new living space. After a weekend surrounded by a vast expanse of boxes – they were packed ceiling to floor, wall to wall – and a quick Who Am I moment while I came to grips with my family’s official hoarder status, I felt like a tiny worker ant trudging away at the task of building one of those giant ant hills that I discovered this Summer in Ghana. I was ready for a festive distraction or two… no three, ok let’s make it four holiday parties.

So, I threw myself in head first and got dolled up for three nights of cocktails, gala-ing, eating, more eating and in one case, disco dancing (yasssss).

Monday called for my favorite new blazer by Maison Kim He Kim for Next’sholiday party at the Principe Savoia. On Tuesday I had the immense pleasure of wearing a stunning gown and cap from Gucci’s Cruise 2018 collection. On Wednesday I wore a charming Fendi dress to the brand’s holiday party, followed by Studio 54-worthy dancing at No More Tears, Giulia Tordini’s weekly party at Pacifico. It was a veritable advent calendar of my dream looks.
Then, I capped off the week in Fall 2015 Celine while hosting a family holiday dinner for 20. I’ll have you know that planning and executing an event like this after only 15 days in a new apartment is valid cause for confinement to a psychiatric ward. But, what doesn’t drive you bat-shit crazy, will make you a brilliant host. That, and making sure that the glasses of Ruinuart Blanc de Blancs and that vintage from Saint-Émilion that my brother-in-law brought over were always half full (my strategy for coping as well as my way to distract my guests from noticing that a single, lonely light bulb hangs from where the chandelier should be). The night was quite enjoyable, ending at 1am and with only one cherubic nephew left behind.

Still recovering from last week’s fiestas, I have one more event to attend before my holiday break, and I am looking forward to wearing something laidback, cozy, but more elevated than fashion’s current hygge obsession (that will come starting Saturday, trust me). After considering a few outfits, I found my winner by way of Numero 21’s gorgeous pajama-inspired look. Cheers to those effortlessly chic, no-stress outfits that scream nonchalant confidence. They’re always there when you need them!

Here is a selection of my favorite pajama-style looks for you to make your own!


  • Holiday Party
    Palmer//Harding Wrap-style striped cotton dress

Photographer: Eleonora Adani
Outfit details:
Pajama by Numero 21
Shoes by Miu Miu
Broach by Chanel 
Earrings by & Other Stories

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