La Maison des Carrés Hermès

by Tamu McPherson

Hey There Pretty Birds,
Please enjoy my latest video and portrait series featuring some of my favorite girls wearing gorgeous Hermès scarves in celebration of the house’s new virtual destination dedicated to women’s silks, “La Maison des Carrès“.
Launched this September, “La Maison des Carrès” on-line boutique features stunning “rooms” filled with carrès of various themes including: the saloon, the cinema, the treasure room and the color kitchen. There is also a space for the boys called “The Break”, because it wouldn’t be very nice to leave them out, would it? (Wink) A tour of the rooms reveals more than 600 scarves, twilly scarves and stoles – I know, for scarf lovers, this house is better than the best candy shop (even those that still carry fireballs and junior mints ;-)). Stunningly detailed, the rooms were illustrated by Hermès collaborator Pierre Marie who filled the building with brilliant colors, gorgeous furniture and other infinite features that lend themselves generously to the ever-evolving nature of the maison. Seasonal collections, special collaborations and timeless silk icons – this is their home now.
I don’t know when you discovered your first Hermès carré. I came across mine in high school when a friend lent me the one he wore as a bandana. Generous, no? Well I still have it and cherish it for the good times it’s seen me through. When my video maker Luca and I began filming, I couldn’t help pulling out my camera to capture stolen moments from different angles. At first, I thought that I would just create a gallery of images to accompany the video, but as we were rolling, I got the idea to ask the girls for their thoughts on the scarf (foulard) as a wardrobe staple. Here are the images as well as their responses. Enjoy and please share your personal take on or experience with this icon in the comments. xox, Tamu


Fabiana – The foulard is the most underestimated accessory ever.


Gaia – The essential is what, at first glance, you thought you could do without.

Sara -Prints, shades of blue and copper red. I love how the Hermès scarf goes through my hair in a game of beautiful colors. It gives a very chic allure to a basic casual look.
Francesca – The foulard is a piece of art. You can wear it in every occasion, with whatever look you’re going for.
Martina – The foulard is either the emblem of a chic, bourgeois lady or of a nonconformist bohemian one. You can be whoever you want just by changing the way you knot it.
Agnes – The foulard represents that final touch in my best looks and my life saver on those days when everything that comes out of my closet seems boring.
Michela – What I love about the foulard is the elegance of its extreme simplicity and its inimitable ability to transform itself.
Sun – Foulard is fashion’s white canvas, you can draw whatever you want, even your dream.
Giorgia – The foulard is an accessory that brings me back in time. It makes me think about the 60s icons like Brigitte Bardot in Saint Tropez, about summer memories and faded pictures. It is THE classic and turns each outfit into a very sophisticated one.
Silvia – The foulard is an instant reminder of the 70s. Whether you tie it on your wrist, your waist or on your head…there’s always something 70s related to it. In this case, I decided to wear it as a bandana, which is my personal signature in many looks.

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