Kristina Gisors, From Fashion to Skin Care

by Charisse Kenion

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Formerly a fashion girl on-the-go, after working as a stylist and then a visual merchandiser at Kenzo for the past 15 years, Kristina Gisors decided she wanted to pursue the beauty arena. Letting her own skin experiences guide the way, she decided to launch The Skincare Store, a skin care pop-up shop with a focus on plant-based and organic beauty products. With her first pop-up coming in September, All The Pretty Bird’s Charisse Kenion talked to the Paris-based Kristina to find out what we can expect from her beauty world debut.


Meet Kristina Gisors

All The Pretty Birds: Can you tell me about your career path so far?
Kristina Gisors: I’ve been working in the fashion industry for 15 years; in PR, as a buyer, costume designer, and stylist before moving into visual merchandising for Kenzo.


ATPB: Did you have any kind of background in skin care?
KG:I have no background in skin care – apart from struggling with my skin all my life! I’ve always loved skin care, more than makeup, but lately my skin has been really bad. I’ve struggled with eating disorders and think it will always be a part of my life, plus I suffer from stress and gut problems, so I’ve found that I’m wearing makeup more often. I’m trying to learn more about it – it’s so fascinating to me – but skin care is my first love. I’m counting down the days until I’ll be able to walk out my door without wearing makeup.


ATPB: Where did the idea for The Skincare Store come from?
KG: Over the past five years, I’ve become a lot more aware of my environment and thinking about changing the way I live, what I eat, and what I’m buying. I started to ride a bike and walk a lot; began to really pay attention to what I’m eating and decided to start supporting young designers. It’s been a long process, as over the past 10 years I’ve slowly begun to focus on shopping locally and only buying French produce. When it comes to skin care, I had this idea that I wanted to open a shop with 100% non-toxic hypoallergenic, handmade products, and show French people that there is an alternative to the well-known big brands. I still believe in science and I don’t think it’s simply about buying natural products; I just want people to pay attention to all the s*** we’re being fed. In short, I want to demystify the skin care industry.


ATPB: Why did you decide on a pop-up?
KG: A brick and mortar store would be very expensive, so a pop-up is a great alternative. Plus, I love the flexibility of being able to have a few events throughout the year, rather than everyday. We plan to do a pop-up twice a year in March and September and will showcase new brands and products each time; eventually we’d love to take it to other cities.


ATPB: What can we expect from the first pop-up on September 26th?
KG: We open at 6pm on the 26th for cocktails, food and music with beauty influencers and journalists and anyone who’s sent an RSVP. Then the following two days will be open to the public; we’ll invite skin care specialists in to lead smart conversations regarding self-care, wellness and skin care routines.


ATPB: Tell me about some of the brands you’ll be working with
KG: We’re working with a lot of American brands and a few independent African brands; in total we will showcase 20 different brands, all women-owned. So far we’re working with Blade and BloomBeijaFlorNaturalsAfro Hair & Skin Co and many more.


ATPB: Who are you fave skin care experts right now?
KG: Mostly the girls I’m surrounded with but also people I’ve met on Instagram! Brooke DeVard, host of Naked Beauty podcast; Diarrha N’Diaye, a future beauty mogul in the making. Also, ElaineHuntzinger, my skin acupuncturist and Maryll Beaux, owner of Amalthea, a French brand that I adore.


CK: Where can ATPB readers go for more information?
KG: The pop-up Skincare Store opens September 26th in Paris; for more information visit our Instagram: @the_skincare_store or RSVP at If you’d like to support our crowd funding campaign visit:


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