Just like your wardrobe your skincare routine should be transeasonal too


Just like your wardrobe your skincare routine should be transeasonal too

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Michela Marra | Wednesday March 21st 2018

Just as you adjust your wardrobe by adding multiple layersof clothing to your outfits in order to adapt to the ever-changing weather conditions in the days leading up to spring (did you know that temperatures here in Milan have reached 0over the past few weeks?) so, too, should your beauty routine adjust to this transition. The solution is to follow a few easy steps and use different products that you can either mix or swap depending on your needs on any given day (or week). Lets consider the following example: generally, my springtime skincare routine consists of serums and creams that have a lighter texture. I dont really like heavy textures to begin with and they certainly become a dont for me when the weather gets warmer. Sometimes, however, a sudden change in temperature will cause my skin to become dry and Ill try resolving the issue by using a richer cream for a few days and then return to my normal springtime beauty routine. This is actually easier than it seems so here are a few steps to follow when modifying your beauty routine as you get ready to transition into a new season (this works for summer tooby the way, when is summer?).

Moisture Surge
Weve said it before: spring is the time for lighter creams that can hydrate and smooth simultaneously. Choose gel textures and in case you need urgent treatment you can always add oils or combine with creamier products. The winning strategy is all about mixing and matching: use different products that have different textures to find the solution thats best for your skin!

Recommended product: 72Hour Auto-replenishing Hydrator by Clinique is a light and refreshing cream-gel that stimulates skins natural hydration. Thanks to its new self-replenishing technology, it works non-stop for 72 hours, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Change your serum
Serums are keepers as far as transeasonalbeauty routines are concerned. You can apply one over another. In other words, this means you can continue to use the same hydrating serums you use throughout the winter and add illuminating solutions to your beauty regime.

Recommended product: DIOR Capture Youth Glow Booster contains a high concentration of natural vitamin C which counters a dull complexion and gives skin back its brightness.

Yes to gentle exfoliants
Dry, dull skin is a classic during winter. To fix this problem we always turn to masks and peel off exfoliants which make skin lively once again. In spring, due in part to frequent exposure to sun, it is best to opt for delicate solutions to be used no more than twice a week.

Recommended product: PATCHOLOGY FlashMasque Milk Peel is a delicate, exfoliating cloth mask that softens, brightens and hydrates skin.

Oils: yes or no?
Normally, oils are suitable for those who dont have oily skin. If this is true for you, you already know that oil can be used on your face every single day throughout the year. You should, however, keep one thing in mind during the warmer months: it is best to opt for lighter solutions like sweet almond oil which wont leave your T-zone feeling unpleasantly greasy (should this happen, you can always use a shine reducing booster to help!)

Recommended product: Omia Laboratoires Eco Biologico Almond and Malva Anti-age Illuminating Facial Olio fights the appearance of wrinkles and evens skin tone and complexion thanks to a precious selection of anti-oxidant oils.

Finallybeauty begins within!
Transeasonalbeauty routines also means stocking up on vitamins. If you focused on other solutions throughout the winter, like vitamin C, to fend off colds and flu, you should now shift your attention to vitamins that are recommended for strengthening hair, nails and skin which will be more exposed to the sun. Also, calcium, vitamins D and B will be useful for those like yours truly who will be doing sports on a regular basis in spring and summer.


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