Joe Biden Leads Super Tuesday Elections Results + More News

by Debra Brown

Super Tuesday 2020


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Joe Biden Leads Super Tuesday Elections Results

Super Tuesday is when the most states hold primaries or caucuses, the most voters have a chance to go to the polls, and the most delegates will be allotted to candidates. More than a third of all delegates for the Democratic National Convention are up for grabs.

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads in total delegates, followed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Sanders won fewer Super Tuesday states than Biden, but he came in first in California, which had the most delegates at stake.

The remaining presidential candidates are all competing for a majority of 3,979 pledged delegates; when Super Tuesday is done, 1,344 pledged delegates will be spoken for.


Texas Closes Hundreds of Polling Sites

Texas closes hundreds of polling sites, making it harder for minorities to vote. A report by civil rights group The Leadership Conference Education Fund found that 750 polls had been closed statewide since 2012. The closures could exacerbate Texas’s already chronically low voter turnout rates, to the advantage of incumbent Republicans. Ongoing research by University of Houston political scientists Jeronimo Cortina and Brandon Rottinghaus indicates that people are less likely to vote if they have to travel farther to do so, and the effect is disproportionately greater for some groups of voters, such as Latinxs. Elections officials have cited tight budgets and difficulty recruiting poll workers as among the reasons for the reductions.


Coronavirus Updates

There are more than 93,000 cases confirmed around the world, the majority in China. The outbreak in South Korea is the largest outside China.

In South Korea, the president has declared “war” on COVID-19, some 516 new cases were announced, bringing the total to 5,328.

The number of deaths surged in Italy to 79. It is now the country with the most deaths in the world outside China. The Italian government is considering new quarantine zones to tackle the virus.

China’s data continues to show the outbreak there is slowing. The country reported 119 new confirmed cases, compared with 125 the day before.


Supreme Court will decide the fate of the Affordable Care Act

The Supreme Court announced Monday it will decide the fate of the Affordable Care Act sometime next term, presumably after the presidential election.

The court’s move ensures another major shift in the political landscape during the election season on an issue that has dominated American politics for the last decade. It will be the third time the court has heard a significant challenge to a law that impacts millions of Americans.

The dispute pits Democratic-led states led by California against the Trump administration and red states led by Texas. The Affordable Care Act remains in effect in the meantime.


Russian President Vladimir V. Putin Proposes Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage

President Vladimir V. Putin has proposed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. The gay marriage ban is one of a package of new amendments to the constitutional review process and a committee in Parliament approved them. They are expected to clear a vote in the full Parliament before the referendum, planned for April 22

The deputy speaker of Parliament, Pyotr Tolstoy, praised the proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage. Mr. Tolstoy has said the ban is needed in the constitution so international organizations cannot “force Russia into any giving sort of special rights for the LGBT community.”

The other proposals Mr. Putin submitted to Parliament would define Russians as the ethnic group that created the nation, assert that the country’s citizens traditionally believe in God and define Russia as the successor state to the Soviet Union.


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