A Note on “Winter Whites”

by Tamu McPherson

Sweater, shoes, earrings by Celine by Phoebe Philo, jeans by Ganni, bag by Cesta Collective.

Is “Winter White” still a thing?? I mean yes, I understand it remains the theme of many a fashion editorial, but truly, do you find yourself afraid to wear white after Labor Day? Is it because you live in a wet and snowy city, with the constant lurking terror of a passing bus splashing salty snow all of your fresh crisp whites, marking you for the rest of your day with the memory of a simpler, more optimistic morning?

Well, I ask you to do one thing before you rule white out of your winter repertoire: scroll through your Instagram explore page, and discover a sea of influencers posting chic full-white looks. Without even getting too far, you’ll even see a few wearing the same Céline sweater as me. And don’t they look amazing? I spotted a few in the snow, sitting on benches, and gasp!, even on outdoor stairs. None of them showing any concern over dirtying their outfits, and none of them looking as if they just haven’t had time to pack down their summer wardrobes. They look fresh, crisp and brilliant – just the type of energy needed on a weary winter day. Have I changed your mind yet? No? Read on.

I’ll confide this little tidbit about myself: I can’t image not wearing a full white look in some iteration or another all year round. Some of my most iconic fashion references involve total white looks! Ones that simply cannot be relegated to the mere 97 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Are. You. Kidding. Me? What am I supposed to do when I want to swagger like Bianca or slay like Diana? The other 9 month of the year??

Winter Whites

You do see my point here, don’t you? I feel a wave of claustrophobia just thinking about these time constraints. In a full white look, I feel like I am wearing a blank canvas. It’s a way for me to be open to the world, and to absorb all that I observe and experience on that particular day. What’s the difference between a colorful outfit and a total white outfit? A white outfit is free of the input provided by color or print. When you see me, apart from the shape and volume of the look, you are seeing a sheet of blankness. Maybe it’s a moment of stillness, maybe it’s a moment of possibilities for your eyes to complete the picture. And that’s one of the most fantastical things about wearing white.

Ok, Ok, I’m done with the philosophical banter. I love wearing white, it’s no longer a fashion faux pas (yay), and I hope that I’ve convinced you to embrace the style. Yes?! Then tag us on Instagram when you style your own winter white lewk.

Instagram images from the top left: @lindatol_ , @shionat, @thegryarea, @amandafinesse, @karenbritchick, @erinoffduty, @thehautepursuit, @lenalademann, @lisa.aiken, @waityouneedthis, @aurelanasedkin, @chrissyford, @chataignestyle, @deborabrosa, @serrabellum.

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