Instant Beauty: A Trend For The Digital Era


Instant Beauty: A Trend For The Digital Era

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Michela Marra | Friday October 12th 2018

Instant Beauty translates to one just phrase: how to fake that you slept well.

Lately, eight uninterrupted hours of sleep is a private joke between me, myself and I, and each morning my undereyes are in on it, too. Misery loves company, and so it’s no coincidence that my friends are always asking me for the best undereye concealer. I don’t have a magic wand, but I’m not all that worried; I know that rest, a healthy diet and spending less time staring at phone and computer screens are the best ways to combat skin fatigue and that downtrodden look.

Everyone I know longs for a slower lifestyle while they run this gauntlet of city living, even if they’re nowhere close to achieving it. We long for fast beauty solutions; 3-in-1 cosmetics that can hide signs of exhaustion and multitask just as much as we do.

The solution is called Instant Beauty, and it is one of the key trends in the global cosmetics market. Originating in Korea, Instant Beauty really started as a response to selfie mania. The demand for products capable of revitalizing the skin for radiance and tone is constantly increasing, especially with younger consumers. We are not talking about anti-aging products, with which millennials seem to be unconcerned, as do the career women who are obsessed with creams and serums and make up the majority of the spending power in the market. “We are making a resolution to stop using the term ‘anti-aging.’ Whether we know it or not, we’re subtly reinforcing the message that aging is a condition we need to battle – think antianxiety meds, antivirus software, or antifungal spray,” says Michelle Lee, editor-in-chief of Allure. Goodbye anti-age, and hello instant beauty.

The key word to know in this new trend is “combining”; in other words, applying more products at a time over the course of a very specific beauty ritual. The defining characteristic of these products, other than guaranteeing rapid and visible results, are… not having just one characteristic. For example, the face cream can have a smoothing action and at the same time give a touch of color to the skin. The application should be fast and uncomplicated, even when you opt for a mix of product.

The market is full of Instant Beauty offerings, and, as with most fast-acting products, if the result is immediate, the selection can be rigorous. The internet is on our side though, and with just one click you can compare products and access beauty forums to really discern whether any one product is for us. The modern consumer dedicates a lot of their time to research, and longer falls victim to fantastical claims.

Earlier in 2018, we felt a real shift in major beauty houses toward the creation of new solutions and formulas to cater to quick, natural beauty. For example, the O.G. Estée Lauder created an entire line called Revitalizing Supreme, based on the idea of instant beauty. We tried their Global Anti-aging Instant Refinishing Facial, a facial treatment that can even be done in the shower for a brightening and polished aspect.

In Italia, a well-known brand, Diego Dalla Palma made their own “Instant Beauty” line made of products that need no explanation: from the Wrinkle Eraser to the Corrective Optical Smoother. The objective is to rid of the imperfections in seconds.

Our two favorite indie brands joining this trend are Glossier and Milk Makeup. These brands are often hyped for establishing inclusivity as their foundation. “Inclusivity is one of our core values at Glossier”, says Emily Weiss, founder and CEO of Glossier. They truly want to inspire and show real life beauty without forgetting that all the products are meant to give their best results A.S.A.P. Intense hydration means instant gratification, because, as goes the theory behind Milk Makeup, glowing skin is the objective. Their products are designed for an on-the-go lifestyle with high-tech but vegan ingredients that are also cruelty-free. To stay in line with their target customer’s needs, they made sure that the products have fast-acting properties. An example, their Instant de-puffer.

Fun, easy, and personal, but always with immediate results: these are the ideal skincare products for the women of today. Created and designed for the fickle demands of the digital consumer. What’s next?

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