Indigenous Territories in Brazil at Risk of Destruction in Amazon + More News

by Debra Brown

Indigenous territories in Brazil risk destruction Amazon fires

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Indigenous territories in Brazil are at risk of destruction with the Amazon fires 

According to data from the Instituto Socioambiental, in the past month there were 3,500 fires in 148 indigenous territories in the Brazilian Amazon. 

According to Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, deforestation in the Amazon this July went up by 278 percent compared to the same month last year.

The Brazilian constitution offers protection to both the environment and indigenous peoples, but local enforcement agencies often fail to safeguard either

Bolsonaro came to power going against indigenous people, casting their land rights as an unacceptable barrier to development in the Amazon. 


World leaders gather for G7 summit in France

The three-day summit is taking place during a trade war between the US and China, Britain’s exit from the European Union, tensions between the US and Iran over Tehran’s nuclear program and global concern over fires in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and Bolivia.

Brazil has rejected $20 million offered by the G7 countries to help fight the Amazon forest fires.

The Brazilian president added that he would only respond to the offer once French President Emmanuel Macron withdrew his insults against him. Macron had accused Bolsonaro of “lying” to him about climate commitments during trade negotiations.

The fires were predominantly caused by Brazilian farmers as part of deforestation, a move Brazil’s President Bolsonaro has supported in the past.


Judge blocks Missouri law restricting abortion

A federal judge has temporarily blocked a new law banning nearly all abortions in the state of Missouri after eight weeks of pregnancy from going into effect.

The legislation bans abortions after eight weeks except in cases of medical emergency.

Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union sued Missouri, arguing that the law was unconstitutional and went against the Supreme Court’s landmark 1973 Roe v Wade ruling, which legalized abortion nationwide.

Similar laws have been struck down in other states. Missouri already has some of the nation’s most restrictive abortion regulations, with just one clinic in the state currently performing abortions.


Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $572 Million in landmark opioid trial

A judge in Oklahoma on Monday ruled that Johnson & Johnson had intentionally played down the dangers and oversold the benefits of opioids, and ordered it to pay the state $572 million in the first trial of a drug manufacturer for the destruction wrought by prescription painkillers.

The amount fell far short of the $17 billion judgment that Oklahoma had sought to pay for addiction treatment, drug courts and other services it said it would need over the next 20 years to repair the damage done by the opioid epidemic.


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