In the Spirit of Sequins

by Tamu McPherson

Sequins are the kind of thing that you either love, hate, or make excuses for like: “Look at this sequin belt by Prada. I usually don’t like sequins, but these sequins are really elegant.” I know plenty of people who can’t stand them, swear they’re over-the-top, and are convinced that only fashion victims would be caught dead in them. I would love to hear their current thoughts considering how these beads have stormed our runways and streets for the past few seasons.

For me, it’s about how well they are done. One of my favorite sequin pieces is a flapper-inspired mini-skirt that I got on sale at Jill Stuart back in 2005. And I can’t tell you how much I obsessed over the the Proenza Schouler T-shirt from the fall 2008 collection. No way I was finding one on sale, so I opted for the Gryphon version which has been a personal style staple . Then there are the sequin leggings that I stumbled upon last year at Express in an effort to satisfy my lust for the Les Chiffoniers sparklers. So glad that I got them, they were perfect for my best friend’s slutty-chic themed bachelorette party. Ha Ha! Just kidding, I wear them relatively often. I even wore them on recent trip to the floral market.

Well, whatever your preference, you may not to want to leave the house wearing all your glitter. You might be mistaken for a Liberace impersonator and be forced into a sidewalk performance. But if that’s your thing: “Hello Dolly”!
Besos! Tamu

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