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by Debra Brown
California Sanctuary State

Each Wednesday, we recap the most important headlines from our global community to keep you up to speed on world news.


Donald Trump to Impose Steel and Aluminum Tariffs.

Donald Trump said that he would impose stiff tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum, making good on a key campaign promise. Trump said he would formally sign the trade measures next week and promised they would be in effect “for a long period of time.”

Jim McGreevy, CEO of The Beer Institute, said a tariff on aluminum would cost the beverage industry millions and lead to thousands of layoffs.

Gary D. Cohn, President Trump’s top economic adviser will resign, becoming the latest in a series of high-profile departures from the Trump administration. Mr. Cohn had warned last week that he might resign if Mr. Trump followed through with the tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, which Mr. Cohn had lobbied against internally.


Jordan Peele is the First Black Screenwriter to Win Best Original Screenplay.

Jordan Peele was crowned the winner in the the best original screenplay race at Sunday’s Academy Awards, making him the first black screenwriter to receive the honor. Only four black film writers have been nominated in the best original screenplay category in Oscars’ 90-year history: Suzanne de Passe (“Lady Sings the Blues,” 1972), Spike Lee (“Do the Right Thing,” 1989) John Singleton (“Boyz n the Hood,” 1991) and Jordan Peele.


Italy’s Election Leads to Two Rival Populist Parties Claiming the Right To Lead Next Government.

The two big winners in Sunday’s vote,  The League and The 5-Star Movement are now vying for control of Italy’s next government. It will be weeks before the political outcome of the elections is clear.

First, the new parliament will be seated and it will elect Senate and House speakers. Italian President Sergio Mattarella will entrust someone with the task of trying to form a coalition. If no one can form a government, it’s possible that another election will be held in the coming months.


Washington Governor Signs First State Net Neutrality Bill. 

Residents of Washington State are getting so-called net neutrality rules back, with the nation’s first state law that prevents internet service providers from blocking and slowing down content online.

The law, signed on Monday by Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, is the most sweeping state action so far against new federal rules that strip away regulations on how high-speed internet providers handle digital data. The dismantling of the nationwide rules.


Donald Trump’s Justice Department Sues California Over Immigration Enforcement.

The Justice Department sued California, over the issue of providing sanctuaries from a crackdown on immigration enforcement. The lawsuit, which also names Gov. Jerry Brown and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, challenges three recently passed state laws that the Trump administration says hinder enforcement of federal immigration law and endanger federal agents. The Justice Department called the laws unconstitutional and asked a judge to block them.



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