In the News This Week

by Debra Brown



In case you’ve missed these headlines, we’ve recapped them for you here. Also, check out our monthly series “F*ck Donald Trump” where we keep you updated with everything happening with his administration. Stay Woke.


Mass Shooting at Church in Sutherland, Texas.

The gunman who killed more than two dozen people had also escaped from a mental health facility in 2012 after he was caught sneaking guns onto an Air Force base “attempting to carry out death threats” against military superiors, according to a police report. The Air Force has acknowledged that it did not tell federal authorities about the domestic violence conviction, which should have prevented him from buying firearms.

Investigators have not publicly identified a motive for the shooting, but they pointed to Kelley’s rage at his own relatives, particularly his mother-in-law, who attended the church but was not there during the massacre.

Paul Ryan rejects calls for new gun control legislation after Texas church shooting and instead calls for enforcing the laws we already have. Here are eight ways congress could stop mass shootings and the progress that has been made since Sandy Hook.


TJ Maxx’s Parent Company Is Still Paying Employees in Puerto Rico While Stores Are Closed.

TJX the parent company of TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Homegoods is still paying their employees in Puerto Rico, despite the fact that their stores remain closed due to damage from Hurricane Maria.


26 Young Women from Nigeria Found Dead in Mediterranean Sea.

The bodies of 26 young Nigerian women and girls were retrieved from the Mediterranean Sea over the weekend and taken to Italy, where officials said on Tuesday they were investigating how the women died. The latest deaths bring the total number of deaths in the Mediterranean in 2017 to 2,925, compared with 4,305 during the same time last year.


First Openly Transgender State Lawmaker Elected in Virginia.

Virginia voters elected the nation’s first openly transgender candidate to the Virginia House of Delegates on Tuesday. Danica Roem unseated incumbent delegate Bob Marshall, who had been elected thirteen times over 26 years and wrote the anti-trans bathroom bill.


Syria Signs Paris Climate Agreement.

At an international climate conference in Bonn on Tuesday, Syria announced its plans to join the Paris climate accord — an agreement forged in 2015 for nations to band together to slash global carbon emissions. That now leaves the United States as the only country to disavow the deal, after Trump this year announced intentions to withdraw from the agreement.

The European Environment Agency reported that the EU was on track to meet its goals on reducing emissions by 2020, with a slight fall in greenhouse gas output last year, but would require more effort to meet its 2030 targets under the Paris agreement.

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