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Debra Brown | Friday August 11th 2017

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In the news this week By Team ATPB

With the state of current affairs in the US and around the world, we’re staying up to date on as much news as we can. Like many of you, we devour everything that is published on the Trump administration in an effort to keep informed about its horrible policies and so that we can share them with everyone we know (read about them every month in Nia’s “F*ck Donald Trump” series). Here’s a list of the articles and headlines about Trump and beyond that caught our attention this weekend. Check back every Monday and Friday for weekly updates. And, please share any articles that catch your attention, because sharing information is one of the most important things you can do at this moment.


Google’s Sundar Pichai cancels internal meeting on gender issues in light of online harassment.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was expected to hold an all-hands meeting this afternoon in light of now-former Google engineer James Damore’s post about differences between men and women. “Googlers are writing in, concerned about their safety and worried they may be ‘outed’ publicly for asking a question in the Town Hall.”


Parents of Kendrick Johnson ordered to pay attorney fees in gym mat death lawsuit.

A judge has ordered the parents of Valdosta teen Kendrick Johnson found dead in a rolled-up gym mat to pay nearly $300,000 in attorney fees to those they accused of killing their son and the parties they alleged conspired to cover it up.


Transgender Soldiers Are Suing President Trump Over His Proposal to Ban Them From the Military.

Five active-duty transgender military personnel are suing President Donald Trump over his proposal to ban transgender individuals from military service, two weeks after he announced the move on Twitter.


Paul J. Manafort’s Home Searched as Part of Mueller Inquiry.

Investigators for the special counsel leading the Russia inquiry executed a search warrant late last month at the Northern Virginia home of President Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul J. Manafort. The search was carried out at Mr. Manafort’s home in Alexandria, Va., shortly after he met with investigators for the Senate Intelligence Committee on July 25. In that meeting, Mr. Manafort answered questions and provided investigators with notes from the June 2016 meeting with the Russians.


Trump Doubles Down on Threats Against North Korea.

Rejecting critics at home and abroad who condemned his earlier warning as reckless saber-rattling, President Trump escalated his war of words with North Korea. He declared that his provocative threat to rain down “fire and fury” might not have been harsh enough.


U.S. Diplomats in Cuba Were Injured by a ‘Sonic Weapon‘.

A group of American diplomats in Havana, Cuba have suffered severe and unexplained hearing loss over the past year, which U.S. officials believe was caused by a covert and advanced sonic device. The severity of some of the diplomats’ symptoms has forced them to cancel their Cuba tours early and return to the U.S. for treatment, the Associated Press reports.



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