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by Debra Brown

Just Water Flint

Each Wednesday, we recap the most important headlines from our global community to keep you up to speed on world news.


Jaden Smith’s Company ‘Just Water’ Helps Tackle The Flint Water Crisis.

Smith recently delivered a mobile water filtration system, called the Water Box, to First Trinity Church in Flint. The system will remove the dangerous amounts of lead from the water and allow residents to use it safely.

Residents will be able to filter as much water through the machine as they need once a week.

They have also partnered with organizations such as the Last Kilometer, Rethink H20, Black Millennials for Flint, and 501CThree in their push to get Flint safe drinking water again.

You can contact 501CThree to sponsor a water box here and send water jugs here.


Unknown Gunmen Kill 157 Fulani Herders In Central Mali.

The death toll from an attack by unknown gunmen on villagers in central Mali has risen to 157, a government spokesman said, confirming it as one of the worst recent atrocities.

The attack took place as a U.N. Security Council mission was visiting the West African country. Since the deployment of United Nations peacekeeping forces in Mali in 2013, nearly 200 troops have been killed, making it the most dangerous peacekeeping mission in the world.

Moulaye Guindo, mayor of the nearby town of Bankass, said that armed men, dressed as traditional Donzo hunters, attacked villages populated by rival Fulani herders, many of whom they suspect of harbouring Islamist extremists, charges the Fulani deny.


Prosecutors Drop All Criminal Charges Against Jussie Smollett.

Attorneys for Jussie Smollett said that all criminal charges against the “Empire” actor and singer have been dropped. Smollett had been charged with falsifying a police report by claiming he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack.

The judge also granted a motion to seal the record in the case, Patricia Brown Holmes, a Smollett lawyer, told reporters. She also said the actor voluntarily agreed to forfeit his $10,000 bond to the city of Chicago.


Pentagon Notifies Congress $1 billion Authorized To Begin New Wall Construction.

The Pentagon notified Congress Monday night that it has authorized the transfer of $1 billion to begin new wall construction along the US-Mexico border.

The announcement was just the first $1 billion the administration is making available for wall funding. The administration said previously it plans to shift an additional $1.5 billion at some point in the future.


Bump Stock Ban Takes Effect As Gun Rights Groups Ask Supreme Court For Delay.

Bump stocks are now officially illegal in the U.S., after a Trump administration ban took effect. Anyone selling or owning bump stocks could face up to 10 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000 for each violation.

The ban requires any bump stocks to be destroyed or turned in to law enforcement authorities. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has posted instructions and diagrams showing how to destroy one of the devices and satisfy the new ban.


Photo Credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images

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