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Debra Brown | Friday June 9th 2017

James Comey
In the news this week By Team ATPB

With the state of current affairs in the US and around the world, we’re staying up to date on as much news as we can. Like many of you, we devour everything that is published on the Trump administration in an effort to keep informed about its horrible policies and so that we can share them with everyone we know (read about them every month in Nia’s “F*ck Donald Trump” series). Here’s a list of the articles and headlines about Trump and beyond that caught our attention this weekend. Check back every Monday and Friday for weekly updates. And, please share any articles that catch your attention, because sharing information is one of the most important things you can do at this moment.

James Comey speaks before the Senate Intelligence Committee.
James Comey accused Donald Trump of lying and trying to derail the inquiry into his former adviser, Michael Flynn, raising the question of whether Mr. Trump tried to obstruct justice. Trump’s personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, said that Mr. Trump had never tried to end the Flynn investigation. He denied that Mr. Trump ever sought a loyalty pledge from Mr. Comey, as was reported.
Mayor de Blasio signs bill renaming Bronx street ‘Hip Hop Boulevard‘ to honor the birth of music genre on the first Global Hip Hop Day.
The street is named in honor of the Aug. 11, 1973, back to school party where DJ Kool Herc invented hip hop at 1520 Sedgewick Avenue in his buildings rec room.
Britain’s Conservatives Lose Their Majority.
Britain is headed into a hung Parliament, in which no party has a majority. The Prime Minister Theresa May decided to call an early election to expand the Conservative’s Party in the House of Commons but now it’s divided. It’s possible that Britain may take a softer stance in their Brexit negotiations and how to leave.
Japan will allow Emperor Akihito to step down, the country’s first abdication in 200 years.
Emperor Akihito will be succeeded by his eldest son, 57-year-old Crown Prince Naruhito. Japan’s parliament has passed historic legislation that allows the country’s emperor to step down, in what would be the first imperial abdication in more than two centuries. The last Japanese emperor to relinquish the Chrysanthemum Throne was Emperor Kokaku in 1817. Although abdications were historically not uncommon, the previous imperial house law set in 1889 required monarchs to reign until they died to avoid conflicts between reigning and retired emperors.
House votes to roll back post-2008 financial rules
The Republican-led House has moved closer to fulfilling President Donald Trump’s goal of doing “a big number” on Dodd-Frank, the landmark banking law created after the 2008 economic crisis that was designed to prevent future meltdowns. Democrats defended the Dodd-Frank law, saying it has meant financial security for millions of people and that undoing it would encourage the kind of risky lending practices that invite future economic shocks.
Photo Courtesy of Al Drago/The New York Times; Illustration By Nicolas Ortega

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