Immune Boosting Sprays and Tonics to Nip that Cold in the Butt

by Roki Prunali

Suddenly in these last few weeks, I seem to be completely surrounded by sniffling noses, aggressive sneezes, and rattling coughs – as if everywhere I turn, a Charlie Brown cloud of cold germs is pursuing me. Didn’t everyone only just get back from vacation? Shouldn’t we all be rested and well? Have we already started falling to back-to-school germs, the bane of every September existence?  Luckily, my family and I are still going strong, but a few reinforcements will be needed in order to stick this out.

The other night, chatting with some other ex-pats in Milan, we lamented over the horrible rollercoaster of weather we have had this year, and in our conversation, we touched upon the theory behind how we pick up the common cold. Here in Italy, people suffer from what they call colpo d’aria, and many ailments can come of it. The closest English translation for this is to “hit of air”, and it can cause anything from a neckache to indigestion to what seems to be going around here: the common cold. I am no doctor (and most Italians reading this will probably find it blasphemous), but I was always told that colds come from a virus.  But without a doubt, the wonky weather we have been having can lower our immune system and make it easier for us to get sick, which is why we should take precautions to not be so susceptible to the cold.

At the first inkling of a sore throat or stuffed nose, my vault of reinforcements always includes ginger, manuka and lemon: juice and repeat. Sometimes though, I need something a little extra to get in all the minerals and vitamins A.S.A.P., and to tone down all the inflammation running amok on my body. And before I run straight for the over the counter cold and flu medicine, I try adding a few sprays and tonics to my daily ritual for that extra immunity boost.  

Sprays and Tonics for the Cold

Anima Mundi’s well-stocked and ample apothecary has been on my radar for a while, and lucky for me, I will be in New York in a few weeks, so this shop is definitely on my list. One product that quickly caught my attention – mostly because of the name – was their Cold’s Cocktail. This powerful tonic promises to rid your body of any possible bug with its potent anti-microbial, anti-viral and immune-enhancing properties. Its ingredients include cold-pressed ginger, turmeric, lemon peel, Echinacea roots and flowers, and wild crated avenca from the Amazon Basin.

Sprays and Tonics for the Cold

Anima Mundi Cold’s Cocktail 

The gifts that bees leave us have a tremendous effect on our health, and, sadly, the honeybee population is facing a serious decline in our environment. It is so important to buy local grown organic produce without pesticides (one of the biggest threats to honeybees). Manuka honey is my life-saver when I am feeling under the weather – its antioxidant and antibacterial powers are in another stratosphere, thanks to those New Zealand manuka bush-loving bees.

If you are feeling a little itch in the throat, propolis spray is another must in my arsenal of sprays and tonics. Beekeepers Naturals made their Propolis Spray with 100% Canadian high-grade propolis. It is the ultimate defender and a powerful superfood, combatting our enemy number 1: free radicals. I always keep this stuff on hand for when I am traveling and start to feel just an inkling of something lingering in my throat. A couple of sprays and it’s bye-bye inflammation.

Sprays and Tonics for the coldBeekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray

By now you Pretty Birds know very well my love for shrooms. Certain mushrooms have serious immune system support, so it is no wonder that Urban Sunshine considered this in their Immune Tonic. This herbal tonic combines immune-toning herbs and medicinal mushrooms to make sure our system is in tiptop shape and truly in balance. You can take this tonic straight or add it to a small amount of water. Also part of the mega immune boosting gamma of products is their Immune Zoom, with its blend of Organic Echinacea, Elderflower and raw Vermont honey. This is perfect for aiding your body’s natural ability to fight infection and give you that zoom boost, as its name implies.

Sprays and Tonics for the Cold

Urban Moonshine Immune Tonic

So if you are starting to feel the ick coming on, or just want a little homeostasis in your immunity, I highly recommend these products. I must say, after seeing power of Mother Nature and her fickle temperature going on in New York during fashion week, there are going to be a lot of germy fashion people out there.


Polaroid Picture from Anima Mundi 

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