I Panic-Shopped for Summer Wedding Looks So You Don’t Have To

by Anja Tyson

Take a trip with me, readers, down memory lane, to the carefree decade of our 20s. Nights were long, heels were high, and serious, committed relationships felt as fleeting and rare as a table for four on a Friday night at Frenchette. True love certainly existed…. but it was the minority. The only weddings I attended in those years were for family friends and the odd “older couples” with quirky civil ceremonies.

Now let’s flash forward to present day, to the responsibility-bound 30-somethings. Marriage rates in the U.S. have been steadily increasing year by year – a strong sign in the name of true love – and, most importantly, somehow I end up with more weddings on my agenda at the beginning of each summer. For someone who loves to dance, eat and cry as much as I do, you would think I’d have been slowly conditioned into preparedness for these events over the years, but alas, here we are at the beginning of summer of 2018. and I have three weddings and not a thing that I want to wear on these particular occasions.

Naturally, I’ve waited until the week before my first wedding of the summer to tackle this obstacle, and after spending one full night in a sweaty panic shopping online at the worst time of year (what’s on sale is in weird sizes and all new deliveries are wool, explain?), I have pulled together the contents of my entire shopping cart and the Instagram images that inspired it below. So feast your eyes, and perhaps even your wallets, on all of my looks for this summer wedding season, and shop my picks below. The best part is, every one of these goodies is currently on sale!

A City Wedding Calls for a 70s-inspired Disco Look

On the moodboard of my life, you will always find pictures of Cher wearing Bob Mackie and Bianca Jagger staring listlessly off into the haze of the dancefloor at Studio 54. My love for all things extravagant is part of what has kept me from quitting the city and moving out into the woods, and though my party agenda is pretty limited these days (#momlife), my party wardrobe tells another tale.

I found this perfect pairing of Halpern Studio disco trousers with The Attico’s electric lavender robe on Farfetch and instantly pictured myself shutting down the dance floor celebrating my dearest newest friend-couple til the wee hours of the night. After all, fun is what you bring with you, and this look screams good times.

Summer Wedding Looks

The Attico Robe, Halpern Studio Trousers, Chanel Wristlet


A Beach Wedding Calls for Bold Prints

My go-to beach look usually involves a flowing romantic sleeve and lots of cream linen – but that’s because my mental moodboard for most visits to the seashore is Beach Bride… which is sort of a no-no when attending someone else’s wedding. Faced with this predicament, I decided to swing polar opposite and opt for a bright, bold and happy print, and no one knows beachy bright bold and happy better than founder of shopping mecca The Webster, Laure Heriard Dubreuil.

So for this daytime nuptial, I am pulling inspiration from this epic beach dress by LHD, with a cheeky seashore print in a breezy linen, guaranteed to still feel fresh at the end of the day after I’ve fallen in the sand a few times and potentially even tested the waves on the shore.

Summer Wedding Looks

LHD The Sunny Isles Dress


A Rustic Wedding Calls for A Little Juxtaposition

For this last wedding, a fancy destination jaunt in Sicily, I have to admit I was intimidated. I have extensively googled the venue to get a sense of the surroundings (and out of pure excitement, who are we kidding), and stuck entirely for ideas in a completely new setting, I found myself scrolling through the feed of my number one style mentor, our very own Tamu McPherson.

In Kingston, Tamu wore this golden Jacquemus dress that I have been eyeing all season, but through a brutal winter and an unseasonably cool spring it has somehow stayed at the end of my To-Buy list, until now. The jury is still out on whether I’ll be able to pull it off, but the way this completely natural sunflower color pops out like heaven amongst brick and blue sky just slays me, and it’s enough to convince me to give it a shot. We can’t all be Tamu, but there’s certainly no harm in trying.

Summer Wedding Looks


Jacquemus La Robe Sol Dress


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