Hurricane Dorian, the Most Powerful Storm to Make Landfall + More News

by Debra Brown

Hurricane Dorian

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Hurricane Dorian becomes the most powerful storm to make landfall in the Atlantic

Hurricane Dorian hit Grand Bahama Island as an incredibly powerful Category 5 hurricane on Sunday night with 185 mile-per-hour winds. Dorian was moving to the west at just 1 mile per hour, subjecting Grand Bahama to nearly two full days of intense hurricane conditions. Wind gusts blew more than 200 mph — which is strong enough to blow the roof off a house. The storm generated 18-to-23 feet of coastal flooding. More than two feet of rain fell.

Five people have been reported dead across both sets of islands; the figure may rise. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies estimates 13,000 homes may have been severely damaged or destroyed across the Bahamas.

About 70,000 people live in Grand Bahama and the Abacos. The UN estimates 61,000 of them will need food assistance.

Dorian is estimated to be the second-most-powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean and ties the record for the most powerful storm to make landfall, according to the National Weather Service.


Cherokee Nation names first delegate to Congress

The Cherokee Nation has named its first delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. Former Obama appointee Kimberly Teehee’s nomination was approved by the tribe’s council. The treaty that created this nonvoting position is almost 200 years old but had never been filled.

The article outlining the right to a delegate is in the Treaty of New Echota. The 1835 treaty is also the document that led to the Trail of Tears, something that has been top of mind for Teehee. She points out the treaty gave up the Cherokee’s homelands and cost the tribe thousands of lives.


U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson loses Parliament majority

Boris Johnson lost his majority in Parliament after a dramatic resignation and rebel lawmakers cleared the first hurdle to block to the Prime Minister’s Brexit plans.

Members of Parliament opposed to Britain crashing out of the European Union without a deal on October 31 have cleared the way for a vote to prevent the U.K. from leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement at the end of October.

Johnson has been adamant he does not want to take the possibility of no-deal Brexit off the table. Johnson says he is ready to call a snap election to avoid this.


The UK, US, France, and Iran may be complicit in possible war crimes in Yemen

The UK, US, France, and Iran may be complicit in possible war crimes in Yemen over their support for parties to the conflict there, UN experts say.

A new report warns the countries they could be held responsible for aiding or assisting the commission of violations.

Their report documents air strikes on civilian infrastructure, indiscriminate shelling, snipers, landmines, as well as arbitrary killings and detention, torture, sexual and gender-based violence, and the impeding of access to humanitarian aid during the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

The UN says the four-year conflict has claimed the lives of at least 7,290 civilians and left 80% of the population, 24 million people, in need of humanitarian assistance or protection, including 10 million who rely on food aid to survive.

Image credit: Reuters

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