How To Have An Intention Setting Party

by Chloe' Flowers

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I am someone who believes in the power of new beginnings. This time around I wanted to focus on what exactly the new year means to me. It’s important to me that I celebrate and reflect on the new year in the most authentic way possible. I think many of us are starting to outgrow New Year’s Resolutions and create a much more mindful approach to our goals. We all deserve the feeling of a reset, a chance to do things differently and embrace change. This is a time of reflection to think about what works for us and what does not. Some people don’t know where to start but know they want to be intentional about their year. If you are someone who wants to take a more spiritual approach to New Year’s or any new chapter in life, you should try an intention setting party.  This is an opportunity for you and your friends to look inward and practice vulnerability. 


Intention Setting Parties

Intention setting parties are more focused on HOW we will achieve the things we want. This requires you to look at the way you move through life. This is an opportunity to give attention to your thought process, your core values and ways to enhance thoughts about yourself, as well as how you view the world. It is an opportunity to release unhealthy thinking patterns and coping mechanisms. An intention setting party is a unique way to celebrate and be intentional with your closest friends. Not only is this a releasing and therapeutic experience for you, but it’s also an invitation to your loved ones to present, too! An intention setting party is a collective celebration of welcoming what the future holds. 


First, you need to invite anyone who you feel brings out the best version of you. Invite people you feel comfortable being vulnerable and honest with. Invite those who have contributed to your life and make you feel good. People who have seen your growth and even your not so good moments. Invite those you value, and who value you. 


Next, set a table. This can be a coffee table, or a dining table, your kitchen countertop bar. Create a space that reflects the abundance you would like to invite into the new year. This may look like flowers, candles, and fruit. This may also look like pictures of happy moments you’ve had throughout the year with those you invite. If it were me, I would have some eclectic  glasses to drink wine out of. I would have white candles burning to represent newness and a clean slate. I would have on display five introspective questions we could ask ourselves out loud and discuss openly. The questions would look something like this: 

  1. What is something important that I achieved this year?
  2. What negative quality did I outgrow out of or from? 
  3. What are my intentions for next year?
  4. Describe your belief system and core values.
  5. If you had to give 2020 a theme, what would it be?

I would have string and beautiful beads laid out on the table. I think creating a bracelet or string of beads to hang in your home is so sentimental. Just as sentimental as an old or new year is. It would be a spiritual but tangible reminder of my intentions. A trinket for me to admire and bring me back to this place of transparency and centeredness. 

The party would look like us sitting around, snacking and talking openly while beading as a group. You could recreate this by doing any activity such as painting, making flower crowns, or even leading a journal writing. Creating something with your hands as a group creates an everlasting bond. In this space, we will feel comfortable enough to laugh, cry or even dance to the music. The energy in the room would be fluid and inviting. I may even go as far as suggesting a very loose dress code like everyone must wear satin or everyone must wear their favorite dress. I would make sure I take plenty of pictures for memories. All of the simple things that make a party special. 

Your intention setting party can look however you want. It’s more than a vision board party or making a list of things we want to achieve. It’s catering to the needs we have at that exact moment. This party is about being open to our heart’s desires. This is a ritualistic experience that is much more long-lasting than the hardest goals. This is a relaxing and fun way to welcome new chapters in life with the people you love.


Image Credit: @nomad_candi


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