5 Ways to Calm a Restless Mind for Sleep

by Roki Prunali

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With all the unease in the world, my mind is restless and full of what if’s as well as considerations about what the right decisions are and how I will do my part in standing up for what I believe in. Unfortunately, I suppose there is no way to make “right decisions” in these times because all the variables are unreliable. As I try to tackle this concept of making life-changing decisions with an unstable foundation to start with, my mind becomes a little more restless than it was to start. This trickles down into my sleep, or lack thereof, as I lay awake most hours with a restless mind. For most of us, the anxiety and stress of these times are impacting our ability to rest. Trying to calm your mind reigns paramount in wrangling sleepless nights due to your restless mind. 

Many that know me well, can vouch that sleep is most important to me. As I get older my sleep patterns and amount of sleep has drastically changed (ahem cue children that like to wake up at the crack of dawn) and I have had to make sure that the hours I do get are solid and uninterrupted – to the best of my capabilities. With all the change happening, majorly out of my control, my restless mind has me up most nights not getting those precious hours of rest.  


Tips for Calming a Restless Mind

I have come to relieve my restless mind before going to bed in order to shut my mind off to be able to drift off into sleep. I wanted to share with you Pretty Birds some tips and ideas for trying to help your restless mind to get the sleep you deserve.

1. Calm your mind using crystals

There are a ton of crystals that can help clear your mind, promote sleep, and protect you. When I am about to go to sleep, depending on what is blocking me from falling asleep, I will either place a crystal in the palm of my hand or on my third eye if my mind is really racing. 

SeleniteIf you are new to crystals, this is a stone that you should have on hand because its main purpose is for clearing – your mind, body, spirit, and even your bedroom. Another tip: this crystal can also clear your other crystals and does not even really need to be cleared itself. 

AmethystThis soothes and calms your overactive mind. The energy it emits is gentle so it is perfect to help your mind get to a place of relaxation and releasing tension. It is connected with your third eye chakra to send peaceful vibes to where you need them. 

Lepidolite– Its properties can calm overactive minds while creating a sense of security. It also allows you to access a peaceful dream state during your sleep.

Black Tourmaline– Major protection vibes, that help you build boundaries between yourself and the situations and/or thoughts that weigh negatively on you. 

2. Listen to a guided meditation

When nighttime comes and my mind starts jumping from one thought to another and I end up in a rabbit hole of useless thoughts, I need something to take my mind off of it. I plug in my headphones and listen to a guided meditation or even calming music. 

Headspace has designed podcasts that can help you fall asleep, but also have created audio content to create the right conditions for healthy, restful sleep by transporting you to a different sleepy environment. 

My only advice would be to avoid other technology. If you think you can use your meditation apps and not look at any other thing on your phone – email, social media, or messages – then go ahead, but using your phone before sleep is very counterproductive due to the blue light that relays messages to your brain to be active. 

3. Get out of bed

If you are unable to fall asleep within 15 to 20 minutes, sleep experts recommend getting out of bed to avoid making a habit of lying in bed while your mind runs. Get out of bed, write down your thoughts that are keeping you awake. Remind yourself that it can wait until tomorrow, maybe even try writing that statement to confirm that it really can wait until tomorrow. 

4. Train your mind through breathwork

This breathwork does not need to be anything fancy, just allow yourself to breathe deeply, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Concentrating on your breath can help take your mind off of racing thoughts. Try counting the length of your inhale and exhale to further concentrate on your breath. If your mind wanders (which it most likely will) bring your focus back to your breath.

5. Don’t try so hard

I know this sounds easier than it really is, but I found the more I tried to not think about things, the more my mind would race. If you allow the thoughts to come in and just accept them, your mind will not try to overcome the struggle of your thoughts but just observe and accept them as they are. The more you ‘try not to struggle,’ the more insomnia will be sent in. 


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